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2022 Price Increase for Couriers Within the E-commerce Industry

Courier services have become a considerable part of the E-commerce industry, particularly in Australia. A crucial reason for this is that there has been a significant increase in the number of e-commerce websites, and thus more purchases have been made, leading to increased deliveries.


You may wonder what courier services are and how they stand out from other delivery services. Well, courier services are delivery services that help e-commerce businesses to deliver their parcels and other documents. These services have been known for their speedy delivery compared to other product delivery services, great packaging and package tracking features.


In 2021, the courier business experienced massive growth with an increase in the number of deliveries made locally and internationally. More and more businesses are coming up and want faster, safer and more convenient ways to deliver products to customers. The courier industry in Australia stands out as highly developed. Some popular courier services in Australia include Australian post, StarTrack, Aramex, Toll and FedEx.


Another feature that has made many of these delivery services stand out is their reasonable prices. But in 2022, there have been significant changes in the prices of most courier services in Australia. A common question in the mind of many business owners affected by this new development is what could be causing this increase and whether there is an end to it.


The major reason for this increase is the hike in the price of fuel that the county is currently experiencing. The increase in the cost of purchasing fuel caused due to the government cutting the fuel excise tax is affecting not just commuters in the country but courier services are greatly affected. To ensure that they keep their promises to their customers and continue to provide delivery services, businesses have adjusted their prices to accommodate this hike in fuel prices leading to an increase in their delivery services.


Australia Post price hikes

How the Prices Are Affected?

Many top players offering courier services in the e-commerce industry have increased their prices, and businesses will have to pay more to send packages within and outside the country. Let's take a look at the changes in the prices of popular courier services in the e-commerce industry:


  1. Australian Post:

Australians post is one of the top dogs in the courier industry. This government-owned business corporation has been providing affordable and reliable postal services for many businesses in the country. This courier service has announced that by the 5th of September this year, all prices for their services, both locally and internationally, will be increased between 3% and 4.4% which includes not only their retail offering (prepaid satchels) but also in their business offering including MyPost and eParcel which will impact all businesses big and small. The company also announced that this decision became necessary to continue providing Australians with a reliable and efficient courier service. Parcels up to 5kg will experience an increase in price up to 40 cents.

  • Parcels less than 500g will increase from $9.30 to $9.70
  • Parcels weight from 1kg to 3kg will increase from $15.95 to $16.95
  • Parcels weighing from 3kg to 5kg will increase from $19.20 to $20.05
  • Prepaid express parcels of various sizes will experience at least a 40 per cent increase per parcel.
  • Money orders worth up to $5000 will increase from $11 to $13.



  1. StarTrack:

This courier service has made a mark in the e-commerce industry. Statistics show that StarTrack has over 16,000 vehicles on the road and delivers parcels to more than 190 countries. The surge in fuel prices has led to an increase in their services by about 4%. They announced that this increase would affect all services. The cost for goods over 32kg will be increased to $72.


  1. Aramex:

Another famous name in courier service is Aramex. This corporation, formerly known as Fastway courier, has been providing express courier services and logistics solutions for many years to many small and big businesses in Australia. Aramex is more famous for shipping cheaper products. Unlike many other logistics companies, Aramex is one courier company whose prices have not increased since the increase in fuel prices. Research has shown that the company experienced a significant loss last year in a bid to carry the most of the prices to keep customers happy and satisfied without increasing prices. Although there have not been reports on any price increase from this corporation, it is said to be coming up with new ways to increase profit and generate funds.


  1. Courier Please:

This courier service is a subsidiary of Singapore post and offers great delivery options locally and Internationally. Thanks to their numerous delivery facilities, such as trucks, vans and many others, they can deliver millions of goods and have thus gained the trust of many in the e-commerce industry. Courier Please is another delivery service not left out in the hike. The company has increased their products and services in response to the local and international hikes in fuel prices. In May, their prices experienced a 2.3% increase. This price was further increased by 4.5%. However, it was stated that these prices are temporary and will change from time to time.


  1. FedEx:

FedEx is a global brand known to many across the world. It has become one of the biggest courier services in the world and continues to grow, delivering to more than 200 countries. It's a great choice when delivering large parcels internationally because of its competitive prices. FedEx Australia owns over 2,800 fleet vehicles; this corporation has been greatly affected by the increase in fuel prices. The cooperation stated that this price increase became necessary to satisfy customers amidst the challenging operating environment. In January, the corporation increased its service rates in its express division, Ground divisions and Freight divisions both locally and internationally. On average, exports, imports, and domestic delivery rates increased by about 5.8%. Surcharges have also been included in certain services.


  1. Toll:

Toll offers various delivery services, including express, maritime, distribution, and aviation services. The subsidiary of Japan post holdings has made a name for it's in the Australian e-commerce industry as a reliable brand. With the increase in operational costs in Australia, Toll increased its prices in August 2022 by 6.95 per cent. The corporation has also included surcharges on various services like carding, repackaging, redelivery, late filing, futile pickup, and others.


However, most of these businesses have stated that these prices may be reviewed and subject to changes monthly. They have also stated that all these adjustments made with prices and service are made with customer satisfaction in Mind. The courier services in the industry will no doubt continue to expand and significantly impact the growth of the e-commerce industry.


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