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Collection: Couriers Please Labels

Awesome Pack's Couriers Please Shipping Labels are 100% compatible with EzySend & EzyFreight – Management System Printing system. Designed to work seamlessly with Couriers Please printer settings it will make printing shipping labels a simple process.

Our labels are made with Quality paper and adhesive so you can rest assured that the shipping label will stick firmly on the parcel and it will arrive safely at the destination.

We Guarantee the Best Price for Bulk Buy Orders | Buy Cheap Couriers Please Shipping Labels from Awesome Pack & Enjoy Great Pricing, Awesome Service and your goods will be dispatched within 24 hours.


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FAQ for Awesome Pack’s Couriers Please Shipping Labels


What is the label dimension for Couriers Please Shipping Labels?

Couriers Please Shipping label have a dimension of 100mm x 150mm which is the Logistics industry standard within Australia. Almost all Australian Couriers use the default label size of 100x150mm which makes it the most common shipping label around. These labels can come in the form of a Roll with different amount of labels like the 350 labels/roll, 500 labels/roll and the 1000 labels/roll or Fanfold for high volume businesses.


What Printers can I use to Print Couriers Please Labels?

For Awesome Pack’s Couriers Please labels you will need a Direct Thermal Printer like the Zebra GK420D or the TSC DA210 which doesn’t require Wax Resin Ink Ribbons and prints without ink. Both the Zebra and TSC desktop printers have the internal capacity to hold both the 350 labels per roll and 500 labels per roll. Whereas some other direct thermal printers can only hold 350 labels per roll due to its holder’s limitation. Below is a guide on what type of printer you need for each type of Label:

350 labels/roll – All Direct Thermal Label Printers with a minimum printing width of 100mm works well with this Label Roll

500 labels/roll – Most Direct Thermal Label Printers with a minimum printing width of 100mm works well with this label roll. We recommend either the Zebra GK420D or TSC DA210 as they both can fit this label roll whereas some others like the Toshiba B-FV4D cannot fit this roll.

1000 labels/roll – All Industrial Direct Thermal Label Printers with a minimum printing width of 100mm works well with this Label Roll. Only Industrial direct thermal label printers can fit this roll since there are 1000 labels on this roll whereas desktop direct thermal printers like Zebra GK420D and TSC DA210 cannot fit.

FanFold Labels (4000 Labels per Box) – These are for the high volume businesses that ship over 100 parcels a day. Simply open the box of fanfold labels and slide the labels through the back slot of your desktop direct thermal printer and off you go. Since the box will be placed directly behind the printer you will need approx. 40cm in length behind the printer to fit the box but that’s all you have to do.

Please note for DYMO and BROTHER label printers please read below:

Dymo 4XL Printers which require S0904980 labels

Brother QL-1100 which require DK11241 labels



How to Correctly Label your Couriers Please Parcel?

Once you have printed your Couriers Please label you will need to be mindful of the following to ensure your parcel safely arrives at the destination:

  1. Ensure only one label is showing on your packaging - whether you use a cardboard box or a satchel to ship your goods, only show one parcel label and cover any other labels if you are using a re-used box or satchel. This will minimise confusion for Couriers Please and ensure your goods to arrive safely at your destination.
  2. Use Direct Thermal Labels and not plain A4 paper as labels - Awesome Pack’s Direct thermal labels are water resistant, scratch resistant and withstand 6 months in direct sunlight making them much tougher than the plain A4 paper.
  3. Leave a “Back Up Label” inside your parcel - for high value goods we recommend you to print a duplicate shipping label and leave it inside the parcel. In some rare cases your parcel during shipping may come apart due to rough handling or not packaged securely and this is when your “Back up label” will give Couriers Please workers the chance to re-package the goods and your parcel will continue on its journey to the destination. Otherwise in this rare situation your goods will be deemed lost and you will have to resend the item to your customer.
  4. Firmly Fix the Label on your Parcel - ensure your label to pressed firmly to the cardboard box or plastic satchel. At Awesome Pack our Couriers Please shipping labels use ultra sticky adhesive which is permanent and grab onto original and recycled boxes very well and after 1 minute almost impossible to rip it off without leaving a mark.
  5. Keep it Clear - there shouldn’t be any tape over the Couriers Please shipping label as it may affect the scan ability of the label and can cause delays if the workers cannot scan the barcode properly. As a rule, always finish taping down the box before you affix the Couriers Please shipping label.


Where to buy Cost Effective Couriers Please Shipping Labels?

We at Awesome Pack manufacturer cheap shipping labels that is compatible with Couriers Please and it is up to 50% cheaper than buying the Couriers Please labels directly from Couriers Please. Plus we ship your Couriers Please labels within 24 hours so you get them super quick and let’s you to get on with your business. Join the thousands of business owners who buy their Couriers Please labels from us and you can not only save money for your business but also enjoy the Awesome shopping experience with us.



Why Buy your next batch of Couriers Please labels from Awesome Pack?

The Awesome Pack team is committed to offering the best possible price for Couriers Please shipping labels. Many e-commerce & logistics businesses rely on our expertise and customised solutions to meet their business needs.

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