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Collection: Compostable Satchels

Looking for Compostable Bags Australia? Our Compostable Satchels are Australian Certified AS5810 Home Compostable and are made from Corn which is good enough to be Food for Worms so they can eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. These Compostable Mail Bags will biodegrade within 180 days unlike plastic bags which may take up to 1000 years to break down!

Compostable Bags Australia possess some of the same qualities as the Poly bags, Tough & Durable, Waterproof, Stretchable, Tear resistant. From a Usability perspective these environmentally friendly bags are Write-able, Print-able, Stick-able and Brand-able. 


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COMPOSTABLE SATCHELS A4 Size 255mm x 325mm [Courier Bags] [Mailing Satchels]
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COMPOSTABLE SATCHELS A3 Size 395mm x 455mm [Courier Bags] [Mailing Satchels]
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Shop Awesome Pack Compostable Satchels

Awesome pack is your one-stop shop when it comes to finding the perfect Compostable Mail Bags solution for your business. Whether you’re looking for Compostable Bag Australia A4 satchel or A3 Satchel, Awesome Pack has you covered. Our Eco Friendly Black Compostable Bag comes in multiple sizes with a minimalist design to suit your commercial and branding needs.

Need more information about our Compostable Satchels, check our FAQs below:


How Does Awesome Pack’s Compostable Satchels compare with Plastic Australia Post Satchels? 


Our Eco-Friendly Compostable Satchels are tough enough to handle similar weights as the Australia Post’s Plastic Satchels yet these Biodegradable postage bags will break down within 180 days.

Sizing Differences:

Awesome Pack’s Compostable Satchel 255x325mm (A4 size) is Similar to Australia Post Small Satchel 220x355mm (Formerly known as Australia Post 500g Satchel)

Awesome Pack’s Compostable Satchel 395x455mm (A3 size) is Between Australia Post Large Satchel 310x405mm (Formerly known as Australia Post 3kg Satchel) and Australia Post Extra Large Satchel 435x510mm (Formerly known as Australia Post 5kg Satchel)


Are Awesome Pack’s Compostable Satchels Waterproof or Tear Resistant? 


Biodegradable courier bags are both Weatherproof and Tear Resistant making it the perfect substitute for the good old plastic satchel.

Can you Stick Shipping Labels & Hand Write on Awesome Pack’s Compostable Satchels? 


Yes, all freight/shipping labels printed by any direct thermal printer stick very well to our Compostable mailers and Of course you can Write on them.


Why Buy Compostable Satchels from Awesome Pack? 


Awesome Pack’s Compostable Bags are made from the highest quality materials which gives it a Premium Look & Feel. Our Biodegradable Satchels are made according to Australian Certification AS5810 to ensure that our Compostable Bags do break down within 180 days.

The Awesome Pack team is committed to offering the best possible price for any application. Many e-commerce & logistics businesses rely on our expertise and customized solutions to meet their business needs.

Bulk Buy Volume Discounts - We built our business on Volume, so if you need to make a Bulk Order please call us on 1300 816 800 so we can provide you with an instant quote on Volumes greater than what is listed on our website. 

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