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Collection: HoneyComb Paper Wrap

Honeycomb Kraft Paper Wrap is an Eco-friendly way to wrap your fragile goods when shipping your goods. It is Completely made out of Kraft Paper making it Recyclable, Biodegradable & Compostable. It is the Bubble Wrap Alternative & a Renewable Resource so if you are a forward thinking eCommerce business then look no further!

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HoneyComb Kraft Paper Wrap Roll 500mm x 450m Protective Packaging [Bubble Wrap Alternative]
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HoneyComb Kraft Paper Wrap Roll 500mm x 90m Protective Packaging [Bubble Wrap Alternative]
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HoneyComb Kraft Paper Wrap 500mm x 180m Protective Packaging [Bubble Wrap Alternative]
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HoneyComb Kraft Paper Wrap with White Paper Protective Packaging [Bubble Wrap Alternative]
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FAQ for Awesome Pack’s HoneyComb Paper Wrap


How to Use Honeycomb Kraft Paper Wrap?

There are 2 types of Honeycomb Kraft Paper Wrap that you can buy from Awesome Pack, they are:

  1. Honeycomb Paper Wrap Packaged in a Ready to Use Dispenser Box. You can see a sample with white tissue paper here or one just with kraft paper wrap here.

This type is Ready to Use and nothing else is required apart from a table to wrap you goods on. The first and most important step on using this is to make sure you tape down the dispenser box on the table. There are 2 adhesive strips on the bottom of the box which you need to remove the peel and once the adhesive strip is exposed then you can stick it firmly on the table. This is very important as if you don’t stick the box down, when you pull the paper the box will follow you and the honeycomb paper will not be stretched and form the Honeycomb shape.


  1. Honeycomb Paper Wrap Roll Only without a dispenser. You can see a sample of the roll here.

This type is honeycomb paper wrap on a roll which require your own dispenser in order to use it. The Core size of the honeycomb paper wrap Roll is 25mm (1 inch) so any dispenser that can slot through a 25mm sized core will work fine. Your bubble wrap dispenser should work fine on this but please check the core size of your dispenser before use.


Is Honeycomb paper as Cushioning as Bubble Wrap?

In cushioning packaging bubble wrap is the norm for protecting your goods during shipping, however due to the negative effects it has on the environment many eCommerce businesses are trying to stay away from it and using Honeycomb kraft paper wrap instead. In terms of cushion affects when comparing one layer of bubble wrap and one layer of honeycomb paper, the bubble wrap will be more protective however if you wrap your goods in a couple layers in honeycomb it will have the same effect and at the same time you will be going good to the environment.


Is Honeycomb paper Recyclable, Biodegradable or Compostable?

Short answer is Yes. Let us break it down for you. Is it recyclable? Yes, because all paper based products are recyclable meaning you can throw it with all your other paper products in the Yellow Bin for the council to collect. Is it Biodegradable or Compostable? All paper products are biodegradable as they are plant derivatives and in terms of being compostable yes the honeycomb paper is counted as a “brown” ingredient that provides carbon for your compost. So overall it is a renewable resource and it is considered as eco-friendly packaging.


How does the Cost of Honeycomb paper wrap compare with Bubble Wrap?

The cost of Honeycomb paper wrap is similar with Bubble wrap when you are comparing one layer vs one layer. The costs are about the same between the two and you can see in the following Cost Comparison:

Honeycomb Paper Wrap Roll: 500mm Width x 450m Length is $88 per roll, click here for more info. That is approx $0.20 per metre of paper wrap roll.

Bubble Wrap Roll: 500mm Width x 100m Length is $22 per roll, click here for more info. That is approx. $0.22 per metre of bubble wrap roll.

The cost of honeycomb paper wrap is actually 10% cheaper when compared head to head with Bubble Wrap but there is one thing that you need to consider and that is “will one layer of honeycomb paper be enough protection when wrapping my products for shipping?” As a general rule one layer of honeycomb paper does not give as much cushion as one layer of bubble wrap but is it good enough for shipping your products? This is something you need to decide on and best to test before determining the cost comparisons.

ie If you think you need 2 layers of honeycomb paper in order to safely ship your products then it would be approx. $0.40 per metre, when compared with bubble wrap of $0.22 per meter then it is 45% more expensive. So how fragile your goods are will change the cost comparison, not sure which one to use? Why not buy a sample roll of the honeycomb paper wrap to see if it is suitable for your business.


Why Buy Honeycomb Paper Wrap from Awesome Pack?

The Awesome Pack team is committed to offering the best possible price for any application. Many e-commerce & logistics businesses rely on our expertise and customised solutions to meet their business needs.

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