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White HoneyComb Kraft Paper Wrap Roll 500mm x 90m Protective Packaging [Bubble Wrap Alternative]

White HoneyComb Kraft Paper Wrap Roll 500mm x 90m Hex Wrap Protective Packaging [Bubble Wrap Alternative]

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White HoneyComb Shaped Kraft Paper Designed as a Cushioning Wrap to be used as Protective Packaging | Completely Made from Kraft Paper | 100% Recyclable, Biodegradable & Compostable

The Environmentally Friendly way to Protect your goods from damage during Shipping

  • Roll Type: White Kraft Paper in HoneyComb Shape
  • Roll Width: 500mm
  • Roll Length when Stretched: 90m
  • Kraft Paper Thickness: 80 gsm
  • Roll Core Size: 38mm [Perfect for Kraft Paper Dispensers]

This paper product was designed with the environment in mind, made with Kraft paper material so by buying this you are doing your bit for the environment. 



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