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HoneyComb Padded Sleeve 22cm for Candles and Bottles Kraft Paper Hex Wrap Protective Packaging [Bubble Bag Alternative]

HoneyComb Padded Sleeve 22cm for Candles and Bottles Kraft Paper Hex Wrap Protective Packaging [Bubble Bag Alternative]

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HoneyComb Padded Sleeve 22cm is Designed for Small Bottles and Candles to be used as Protective Packaging | Completely Made from Kraft Paper | 100% Kerbside Recyclable, Biodegradable & Compostable | Eco-Friendly Alternative to Bubble Bags

The Environmentally Friendly way to Protect your small Bottles and Candles from damage during Shipping

  • Fits Small bottles and Candles up to 22cm in height
  • Sleeve Length: 22cm
  • Material: Premium 100% Virgin Kraft Paper [100% Recyclable Material]
  • Padded Thickness: 10mm [Thicker & Stronger than Hex Wrap]

This paper product was designed with the environment in mind, made with 100% Kraft paper material so by buying this you are doing your bit for the environment. 


Buy in Bulk & Save 

500 padded 22cm sleeves - $0.46/sleeve
1000 padded 22cm sleeves - $0.43/sleeve
3000 padded 22cm sleeves - $0.40/sleeve

How does Honeycomb Padded Sleeves compare with Plastic Bubble Bags?

Honeycomb padded sleeves are fully made from Kraft paper making it Eco-friendly as your end consumer can recycle it by putting it into their Kerbside "Yellow Bin". It Still offers cushioning like Bubble Bags but with only a fraction of the storage is required saving you warehouse space. Honeycomb Padded Sleeves also fits any bottle size up to 22cm in height as the Kraft wrap will stretch as required whereas you may need to buy different sized Plastic bubble bags for different bottle size.

Cost Comparison between Honeycomb Padded Sleeve & Plastic Bubble Bags: Our Honeycomb Padded Sleeve is only $0.50 each and it's perfect for small sized bottles and Candles. Bubble Bags are around $0.60 each but are far inferior in the look and feel which your end customer will experience when you package your goods in our Honeycomb Padded Sleeve.

Eco-Friendly Branding: even though Honeycomb Padded Sleeve is slightly more expensive than the plastic padded bags you may still want to pay the higher price as it show your customers that you are an environmentally conscious brand & use Eco-Friendly Packaging. As per Australia Post's eCommerce Industry Report 38% of consumers want their retailers to use eco-friendly packaging.

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