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Black HoneyComb Kraft Paper Wrap Roll 500mm x 450m Protective Packaging [Bubble Wrap Alternative]

Black HoneyComb Kraft Paper Wrap Roll 500mm x 450m Hex Wrap Protective Packaging [Bubble Wrap Alternative]

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Black HoneyComb Shaped Kraft Paper Designed as a Cushioning Wrap to be used as Protective Packaging | Completely Made from Kraft Paper | 100% Recyclable, Biodegradable & Compostable

The Environmentally Friendly way to Protect your goods from damage during Shipping

  • Roll Type: Black Kraft Paper in HoneyComb Shape
  • Roll Width: 500mm
  • Roll Length when Stretched: 450m
  • Kraft Paper Thickness: 80 gsm
  • Roll Core Size: 25mm [Perfect for Kraft Paper Dispensers]

This paper product was designed with the environment in mind, made with Kraft paper material and yes the box is also made from cardboard so by buying this you are doing your bit for the environment. 



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1 Roll - $130/Roll
2 Rolls - $123/Roll
4 Rolls - $117/Roll
10 Rolls - $104/Roll