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Advantages of Bulk Buying Packaging Supplies

Once you have some traction on your eCommerce business and shipping over 50 parcels a day it is time to streamline your fulfilment process and negotiate with your packaging supplier for a better deal. Below we at Awesome Pack have prepared a Step by Step guide on how to get a better deal on your eCommerce Packaging Supplies.


Step 1: Work out your Quarterly (3 months) usage of each packaging item you use for your business.

We at Awesome Pack believe that buying packaging supplies every 3 month gives you the right amount of packaging supplies you have in stock as it give you some bargaining power to negotiate with your supplier with buying in bulk without holding too much packaging supplies. Holding 3 months of packaging supplies will give your business the flexibility to change your packaging when your business glows or if you simply want to change the colour of the courier bag that you are sending out.

Advantages of buying Packaging Supplies every 3 months:

  • Group your Packaging purchases together to get the best price
  • Give you flexibility to change packaging if required like changing the colour of the satchel or moving away from plastic mailers to cardboard boxes


Step 2: Negotiate with your Packaging Supplier

The more you buy the cheaper per unit so once you have worked out what volume you can purchase for 3 months then you can get the best deal. We at Awesome Pack offer volume discounts depending which pack size you choose to give you an instant saving on the website. And for any volume greater than what is offered on the website then please call us on 1300 816 800 for the best deal as per your volume.

Advantages of Negotiating with your Packaging Supplier

  • Get the best price for your packaging goods
  • Bulk buy with multiple items can get an even better deal
  • Getting all your packaging supplies from on supplier will give you a better relationship with your supplier who can give you great tips on either how to save more money or ideas on how you can improve on your packing game


Step 3: For the Best Deal try to order a pallet of packaging materials

If you have enough volume then try considering buying a whole pallet worth of packaging to give you the best savings. We at Awesome Pack have large customers who buy in pallets and that is the best pricing we can offer to anyone, mainly due to the volume and the shipping savings obtained from shipping a pallet vs loose boxes.

Advantages of Buying Packaging supplies in a Pallet

  • Best price in the market as a pallet is the definition of scale and this is when packaging companies can offer the best price possible.
  • You can consolidate few boxes of each type of packaging materials in order to buy a whole pallet. E.g. a whole pallet can fit 40-60 boxes of packaging material and if you break it down it seem more manageable, 10 boxes of courier bags in 255x330mm, 5 boxes of courier bags in 600x650mm, 10 boxes of clear packing tapes, 8 boxes of shipping labels, 4 boxes of clear stretch wrap, 5 boxes of cardboard boxes. Then all of a sudden you have 42 boxes and we at Awesome Pack can offer the best savings in the market for you.


If you are in Melbourne that's an added bonus as our warehouse housing all our goods are in Melbourne so we can offer a Super Cheap Packaging deal for your business given the freight costs are relatively cheap. You can either call us on 1300 816 800 or fill out the Bulk Buy form here.

I hope we at Awesome Pack have helped you in some way by reading this article and we wish you the best of luck in the ever changing eCommerce industry.


Always bringing you value to your eCommerce journey,


Bill Li


Awesome Pack

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