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Are Dymo Labelwriters good for eCommerce label printing?

Business owners have a lot to juggle, particularly getting ideal equipment for their business. If your business requires shipping labels for Australia Post eParcel/MyPost, StarTrack, TNT and many others then you need a commercial label printer. A label printer may seem like a small piece of equipment but can save you money and time. To find the best label printer for your business, you need to ask yourself these questions:

  • How many packages do you print per day or month?
  • How much are you willing to spend?
  • Do you prefer a thermal or traditional inkjet printer?

A thermal printer is ideal since you're looking for an eCommerce label printer. You wouldn't have to worry about refilling ink cartridges with a thermal printer. Look no further than Dymo printers. If you're looking for a thermal printer, consider the Dymo 4XL and Dymo 450 printers. Read on:

dymo 4xl printer awesome pack

Dymo 4XL Labelwriter

Although the Dymo 4XL is now superseded by the Dymo 5XL, which is a different beast, the Dymo 4XL still stands strong to the demands of the eCommerce industry. The Dymo 4XL label writer is a particular choice for home sellers and small businesses shipping large volumes of goods. With the Dymo 4XL, you can print at a speed of 53 standard 4 lines addresses per minute or 129 high-capacity 4-line addresses per minute. Also, the Dymo 4XL uses a 4.16-by-6.275-inch shipping label. This label size makes an excellent fit for small companies that need to ship products to UPS, FedEx, eBay, etc. Please note only the 104mm x 159mm Large Shipping Label is suitable for printing Australia Post Labels with barcodes for the couriers to scan. This is the same for almost every other courier service like StarTrack, TNT, Aramex/Fastway, Toll, Sendle etc.

The Dymo printer would not take all your desk space. Also, the Dymo 4XL lacks an automatic cutter, which may seem like a problem for wide label printers, even though the shipping label rolls off and tears quickly.

The Dymo 4XL can print at a resolution of up to 300 dpi, with no expensive ink or toner required. But another potential issue with the Dymo printer is that it is hard to switch the rolls. Instead of simply taking one roll out and replacing it with another, you have to remove the first remove spool the printer comes with, mount the roll then replace it. And even to change the roll, you need to use a proprietary label paper. But the good news is that the label paper is BPA-free, FSC-certified and of high quality.


  • Affordable price
  • Easy to set up on Windows and macOS
  • It does not require special calibration to align the labels
  • It comes with a high resolution of up to 300 dpi


  • Only supports Dymo proprietary label rolls
  • It does not support Ethernet connectivity

Common driver issues

Common issues Dymo 4XL users often encounter include:

●        Jam and detached printer

While printing on a Dymo 4XL, the labels may jam. This jam is caused by the label spool not sitting correctly. You need to reseat the label spool in the printer to fix this. Refer back to the printer's user manual.

●        Multiple labels with each print

If your Dymo 4XL printer is feeding multiple labels with each print, there are two reasons why this is happening. It could be because of a dirty optical sensor in the printer. To fix this issue, clean the dirty optical sensor with a cleaning card or reseat the label spool.

Setup and software

If you want to use the Dymo 4XL printer on your PC, ensure you have the correct printer driver installed. The driver installation will automatically open the printer to your computer. When the setup begins, ensure you do not turn off the printer until the setup is complete.

When setup is complete, with the Dymo Connect Software, you can create exciting professional label designs from the 60 professional label templates. These templates make it easy for business owners to easily customise and design labels. Business owners can keep the cost down with several custom text and graphics. The Dymo Connect Software makes it easy to import data through USB connectivity for labelling needs.

Please note that only DYMO 4XL Labelwriter can use our compatible labels and that the new DYMO 5XL can only use original labels which is over 6 times the price. Our 4XL shipping label is between $6-10/roll and the original DYMO 4XL label S0904980 is over $60/roll at Officeworks. If you want to save money on address labels you can buy our Awesome Pack’s Compatible 104mm x 159mm Large Shipping labels


dymo 450 printer awesome pack

Dymo Labelwriter 450

The Dymo label writer 450 is one of the most affordable thermal printer options. With the Dymo Labelwriter 450, you can print out 54 x 101mm shipping labels at a speed of up to 51 labels per minute. Also, the Dymo 450 label writer is small enough to fit on a desktop easily without taking up a lot of space, at roughly 15 by 14 by 19 cm.

The Dymo 450 is an efficient solution for professional labelling, mailing, and filling needs, although it is now superseded by the Dymo 550. The Dymo 450 label is easy to set up with no-frills in its design. Connect your Dymo 450 label writer to your PC or Mac via USB, and you are ready to print labels directly from Excel, Outlook, Word, Google contacts and so on.

The Dymo 450 label printer does not have quality issues like other thermal printers. So, it is a dependable thermal printer to get when you are trying to avoid potential headaches with print quality. One main hang-up with this printer is that you can only use it with Dymo label paper. 


  • It comes with an excellent label printing program
  • Prints up to 51 labels per minute
  • Eliminates the waste and hassle of sheet labels
  • Affordable printer


  • It can only be connected via a USB cable
  • Requires DYMO proprietary labels

Common driver issues

Typical driver issues Dymo 450 printer users often encounter include:

●        Offset printing

If your 4XL printer is printing labels offset, it is often because the label spool is sitting loosely. You need to reseat the label spool in the printer to fix this problem. Refer to the printer's user manual if you do not know how to reseat the label spool.

●        Printing quality problem

Another issue you may face on the Dymo 4XL printer is it printing blurry, faded, or smudged. If this happens, it is not because of the lack of ink but because the printer has a dirty roller or print head. Feed the printer with a cleaning card 2 or 3 times to fix this issue.

Setup and software

The Dymo 450 printer requires special printing software to print from your Windows or macOS PC. Go to the Dymo website to get the necessary software and download the driver suitable for your PC. After downloading the software, follow the setup wizard to install the software.

After setup is complete, connect the Dymo printer to your computer via a USB cable. With the software, you can create and store various label formats and features like automatic timestamps, dates, and nearly 20 bar codes. Apart from the labelling utility, the software lets you print directly from any program you like, and it comes with add-ins that lets you easily create a label from other text in a letter or an address.

Please note that only DYMO 450 Labelwriter can use our compatible labels and that the new DYMO 550 can only use original labels which is over 10 times the price. Our compatible label 54x101mm is between $2.2-3/roll and the original DYMO 54mm x 101mm label 99014 is over $35 at Officeworks. If you want to save money on address labels you can buy our Awesome Pack’s Compatible 54mm x 101mm address labels



The most significant drawback of Dymo label writers is that they require proprietary label designs (i.e., they only work with punch hole labels). However, if this is not a setback for you, Dymo label writers will work excellently. Of course, both Dymo printers are great, but the Dymo 4XL is ideal for printing large labels, while the Dymo 450 is ideal for small labels. Apart from this significant difference, these two printers are pretty the same. But if you have some extra bucks you can afford to spend, then the Dymo 5XL and 550 label writers are a better choice.


Do you need some Dymo compatible labels now? If so check out our complete range of Compatible labels for DYMO 4XL and DYMO 450


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