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Australia Post’s Satchels and other Packaging Options

Auspost prepaid packaging range


In Australia, you will need a packaging bag to send a parcel. However, choosing the perfect packaging bag that will suit your needs can be pretty confusing at times. It is understandable if you get confused about which packaging option to use with numerous options to choose from.

To choose a postal bag, you have to know why you need it, have a budget you are willing to spend, and consider if you will need an environmentally friendly bag. Whatever your answers are to these questions, your choice will come down to one of these packaging options below.

●       Prepaid satchels

A prepaid satchel is a packaging option that covers both the cost of packaging and postage. You do not have to worry about anything other than taking your item for posting. The only condition is the total weight cannot be over 5kg and then as long as you can seal the bag then its fine to send. They come in different sizes: small, medium, large, or extra-large. Overall, prepaid satchels are a cost-effective packaging option even when sending parcels overseas.

The international prepaid satchel packaging option saves you time and money when you send many parcels to the same country. Also, the prepaid satchels packaging option is great for sending envelopes quickly and securely. So whether it is speed, price, or security with the prepaid satchel packaging option, you can choose the right packaging option.

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●       Recycled padded bags

As the name implies, recycled padded bags are a type of packaging option that is padded. The padding in this packaging option provides you with an added cushion to protect your item. And despite the extra cushion on this packaging material, they are quite lightweight. Great to flat packed items as the opening is envelope like and not ideal for packaging boxes with height over 10cm.  They are lightweight because the barrier cushions are made of air bubbles, and the exterior is made of white paper; hence there is no added weight. The white exterior is a great UV inhibitor, so whatever item you post with this packaging option will remain perfectly intact even if exposed to sunlight during the shipping cycle.

The interior of this recycled padded bag is made of a smooth lining. With this, any item you want to package in it will easily slide inside. Moreover, the smooth inner layer of this packaging option protects your item, leaving them in perfect condition as you keep them with no scratches. Also, this packaging option comes with a self-sealing closure which is great because when you seal your item, they stay closed/tamper-proof during the mailing period. And thanks to the tear strip feature on this recycled padded bag, it allows for a quick and easy opening. Overall, this packaging option is a great choice when you want to post fragile items that can be broken.

●       Parcel boxes

When sending multiple or irregularly-shaped items, parcel boxes are the best packaging option for you. A parcel box protects whatever item you want to ship better than packaging options like satchels. In other words, they are also a great choice for packaging fragile items. Parcel boxes come in different dimensions to meet different needs. And you can even order a custom packaging option to meet that special need. However, sending fragile items in a parcel box is not suitable unless you use some protective packaging like bubble wrap or honeycomb kraft paper wrap. Although parcel boxes are designed with durable cardboard for added strength, they do not protect your items sufficiently by itself.

Also, when you purchase a parcel box, it comes to you as flat cardboard. In other words, they will not occupy all your storage space, especially when you want to package multiple items for shipping. So, whenever you need to use this parcel box to package items, all you need is to be quite easy to assemble. You do not need any staples or tapes to hold the box together. All it takes is to simply fold this flat cardboard to convert it into shape to package your item and send. Another reason why this parcel box is a great choice is that it can be reused for storage.

We are Awesome Pack have a few mailing boxes in plain kraft, white or pink which you can find them here Full Mailing Boxes range.

●       Tough bags            

Tough bags are another great packaging option you can choose because of their all-purpose use and how well they secure fragile items. Tough bags also provide you with an extra kraft paper cushion that helps you pack your item safely. And unlike other packaging options suitable for items that require extra cushioning, tough bags are lightweight. Tough bags are lightweight similar to padded bags. Also, like padded bags, tough bags come with a white paper exterior. The major advantage of this white paper exterior is that they serve as a perfect UV inhibitor. Even if your parcel gets exposed to sunlight, it will not get damaged.

Also, like padded bags, tough bags come with a smooth inner lining. This well-designed interior allows you to insert your item easily. The smooth inner lining also ensures whatever you put inside does not get scratched. Tough bags and recycled padded bags are very similar. However, one thing that distinguishes tough bags from padded bags is how durable tough bags are. Since tough bags are strong and don't give in to mishandling, the easiest way to open them is to tear strip. Tough bags come in different sizes to suit numerous needs. And if what you want to package is larger than the size of tough bags sold, you can always call in to have a custom size made for you.

●       Tubes           

Mailing tubes are another great packing option you can use to package items for posting. Mailing tubes, as the name implies, are tube-shaped. Although you will not get plenty of packaging space because of their tube shape, they are still a great packing choice for sending posters, plans, or photo enlargements safely. Mailing tubes are such an ideal packing choice for these items because they are built with rigid fibreboard. And as you might know, fibreboards are very made of strong materials capable of withstanding bending and crushing forces. They are also ideal for sending large size documents or smaller sizes.

Apart from its strength, you should use a mailing tube because they are UV inhibitors. So when shipping valuable paintings or other documents, you wouldn't have to worry about your item getting damaged if exposed to excess sunlight. And with its plastic cap that seals tightly and securely at both ends prevents dust from getting into the tube. When you choose to use a mailing tube to send a high-value item, you should also opt-in for an extra cover. The extra cover adds an extra layer of protection, especially against water damage.

●       Rigid mailers

When you want to ship items that require heavy-duty protection, rigid mailers are the best packaging option. Rigid mailers are the ideal package option for sending photos, discs, or any other item that needs extra protection from bending. The heavy-duty construction of rigid mailers makes them strong and durable enough to ensure your items are protected throughout the shipping cycle.

Rigid mailers are ideal for shipping this type of item because they come with double folded edges, which overcome the issue of bending from the edges. Another feature of rigid mailers that makes them such an excellent packaging option is glued edges that prevent dust and water penetration. Also, the self-sealing feature of rigid mailers makes it super convenient to package items for shipping.

In summary, whichever packaging option you decide to use to package your item, always consider your item and shipping conditions. With this in mind, you can't go wrong with whichever packaging option you choose. 



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