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Best Ways to Ship Wine Bottles & Beer Bottles for eCommerce Businesses

eCommerce is booming, and new trends are coming up. More brands are looking for effective ways to stay in business by improving their products, services, and customer experiences. New strategies are being explored, and innovative ideas have become the order of the day. Packaging is one aspect of the eCommerce industry that has continued to evolve over the years regarding the nature of the materials used, the designs, and many other aspects. This is because packaging is an integral part of the business for business owners and their customers.


honeycomb kraft paper wrap hex wrap Awesome Pack


Packaging plays multiple roles, from protecting the product to providing the customer with certain information. Extra care is required when packaging fragile products such as wine, beer, olive oil, and lotion products. Due to the nature of these products and their fragility, a lot of care is needed during handling, and they have to be securely protected to prevent damage during shipping and storage.



Delivery and shipment are a big part of eCommerce. Business owners want to ensure that products like wine, beer, and lotion are safely delivered to their customers. This is why when choosing a wrapping option, you need to go for one that will effectively package and protect these products from any form of damage from the point when they leave the company till they get to their customers.


While it is impossible to eliminate the possibility of damage, the goal of every business owner and shipping company is to reduce these chances. Most shipping companies will not accept products that are not adequately packaged and protected. This is because excessive damages would incur many losses to the shipping company and business owners and affect customer relationships.


At Awesome Pack we have a range of Protective packaging for Wine & Beers bottles like our Honeycomb Kraft Paper Wrap which is completely made of Kraft paper which is 100% recyclable so your customers can just put them in their curbside yellow bin. A new way to package wine and beer bottles is our innovative honeycomb sleeve which offers a better cushion in transit and provide your customer with a great unboxing experience.


Customer perception

When choosing how to wrap these fragile products, business owners must consider how customers perceive them. They must be able to appeal to the customer's senses and improve the unboxing experience. How you wrap these products can become an effective branding and marketing strategy, thus increasing customers' loyalty to the brand.


Choose wrapping options that will impact and satisfy the customer's needs. Business owners who excel at this have found a balance between providing wrapping options that protect these products and appeal to customers.


More and more customers in 2022 expect the brands they buy from are Eco-friendly or at least make a reasonable effort. By using our honeycomb kraft paper wrap instead of bubble wrap it can give your customers the feeling that you are doing your bit for the environment.



This is another factor to consider when wrapping wine and beer bottles. You should not sacrifice the quality of the wrapping option for the cost. Most wrapping options are cheap, so get a good one.


Another important factor is sustainability. Many brands are moving to sustainable options in wrapping fragile items like wine and lotion bottles. The idea is to go for more eco-friendly options that are both reusable and can be recycled. This will reduce contamination due to disposal, and lower cost as these options are more economical.


Many businesses in the eCommerce industry have incorporated all these factors in their wrapping options, and of course, all wrapping materials are not the same. Let’s look at some great ways to wrap fragile items like wine, beer, olive oil, and lotion products that are highly efficient.


Although cheap plastic bubble wrap is the most cost effective way to protect your goods but the reputational damage it may cause on your business may fat exceed the cost of packaging. The positive externalities produced when using eco-friendly packaging like our honeycomb padded sleeves will have your customers showcasing your products to their friends and help to promote your brand.



Awesome Pack Honeycomb Kraft Paper Wrap Hex Wrap

Honeycomb Kraft Paper Wraps

Honeycomb kraft paper wraps have become increasingly popular for wrapping fragile products. One reason for this increase in popularity is that this wrapping option is very sustainable. It can be easily recycled. Honeycomb kraft paper wraps are also very lightweight, and due to the design, they do not take up a lot of space, making them very economical. In terms of strength and durability, this wrapping option excels.


They provide excellent protection for fragile items because they buffer and can absorb shock that may occur during shipment. This material is also very cost-effective because it can quickly be produced and easily accessed. This is a cheaper option when compared to bubble wraps and is used mainly by small businesses. Due to its lightweight, when used, the cost of storage, packaging, and shipping is significantly reduced.



Wine Bottle Wrap Beer Bottle Wrap Hex wrap sleeve Honeycomb padded sleeve

Honeycomb padded sleeves:

Honeycomb padded sleeves are another amazing wrapping option many businesses use to prepare fragile products. They are also made from paper but are padded and can create a bit more cushioning for products. These materials are also very lightweight and very durable. They are also very cost-effective in terms of shipping and purchase costs. They are usually cheaper than bubble wraps and would provide greater protection for packaging and shipping fragile items like wine, olive oil, and many other products.


Plastic Bubble Sleeves vs Honeycomb padded sleeves

These are a lot similar to the bubble wrappers everyone is used to. The significant difference is in the way these plastic bubble sleeves are shaped. As opposed to the circular bubbles, the entire length of these plastic bubble sleeves is covered with bubble sleeves that are usually long and rectangular. Plastic bubble sleeves are a common choice for shipping fragile items given it is light and flexible.


Honeycomb padded sleeves on the other hand is Eco-friendly being fully made of kraft paper and just as light as plastic bubble sleeves. It offers a textured look and easier to break apart then bubble wrap which is often sticky taped together.


Key Similarities:

  • Both Lightweight to save on shipping cost


Why Choose Honeycomb Padded Sleeves?

  • Eco-friendly being made of kraft paper
  • Your customer just dispose by putting in their yellow recycling bin.
  • Doesn’t require tape to seal as the sleeve fit perfectly around the product
  • Able to offer your customers an Eco-friendly packaging option


Hopefully this article gave you some new insights on the ways to package your wine bottles, beer bottles, olive oil bottles, lotion bottles etc. The key points to consider which to use is ease of fulfilment/packaging for your staff, presentation to your end customer, packaging costs and the costs to your business for using eco-friendly packaging or not. If you have decided to use Honeycomb Kraft Paper wrap but unsure which one check out our Full Range Here.



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