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Can I throw my Home Compostable Garbage Bags in my Green Bin for Local Council Collection?

As of December 2021, we visited all of the local council websites and compiled a list of councils which accept Home Compostable AS5810 or Commercially Compostable AS4736 Bin liners. The findings were different council to council as each council have their own way of processing food and garden waste thrown into the Green Bins by their residents.


Council Boroondara Green Bin
 Photo courtesy of "The Glenferrie Times"


All of the following Melbourne City Councils accept Home Compostable Garbage bags in their Green Bin Kerbside Collections. So if you live in any of the councils listed below you can use our Home compostable AS5810/ Commercially Compostable AS4736 Garbage Bags to dispose food waste and pet waste. You can simply throw it directly into your Home Green Bin for council collection.


Councils that accept Home Compostable AS5810 and Commercially Compostable AS4736 Bin Liners: 

City of Bayside

City of Boroondara

City of Frankston

City of Melbourne

City of Monash

Mornington Peninsula Shire

City of Stonnington

City of Whittlesea


Please note the listed councils that accept Home Compostable AS5810 and Commercially Compostable Garbage Bags were conducted December 2021 and are subject to change. In the near future more and more Councils may come on board. Visit your Local council website for more information about what can and cannot be put into your Green Bin.


We foresee more and more councils to adopt this environmentally friendly initiative in the coming years so if you are keen to make a change you can buy Awesome Pack’s Compostable Garbage Bags which are Australian Certified Home Compostable AS5810, one of the highest standard in the world.


Warm Regards,


Bill Li


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