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Christmas Packaging for your eCommerce Business

The holiday season is around the corner, and for many e-commerce businesses, Xmas season can be the climax of the business year. While this period may be the best in terms of sales for some businesses, others may struggle to stay in business because of the competition in the e-commerce industry also increases. Businesses will start looking for new and enticing ways to attract customers by incorporating new designs into their packaging and general marketing styles. So, for e-commerce businesses that not only want to stay in business and increase sales, they have to devise ways of fully maximising this period and ensuring that customers stay satisfied and happy. Now how can this be achieved?


Awesome Packaging Christmas Packaging


The best way would be to incorporate a festive feeling into your product packaging design. This is because a huge part of the Xmas season is giving and receiving gifts, and packaging plays a big part in this gifting process. When done properly, your packaging can become a great way to promote your brand and excite your customers. Let’s take a look at some great packaging ideas to choose from and incorporate into your brand packaging:


  1. Christmas-themed tissue paper:

This is a great and easy way to integrate your product packages with a Christmas vibe. Get custom-made Xmas tissue paper to wrap the products before placing them in the package. These papers are usually very lightweight and are not expensive. You do not have to change your packaging style, just include Xmas theme tissue paper for the festive period. We at Awesome Pack have a large range of Tissue paper that are both themed and plain to suit your business, check out our full range of Tissue Paper Packaging here.


  1. Xmas-themed stickers:

If you do not already use stickers in your packages, here’s why you should. Stickers serve a variety of purposes in product packages. They can be used to decorate the packages and seal packages, and now you can use them to add a Xmas touch to your product package. Create fun and beautiful Xmas-themed stickers and include them in packaging. Stocking Stockings, Christmas trees, and gift boxes are used in sticker designs.


  1. Using Xmas colours for packaging:

This is a great way to add a touch of the festive season to your packages. It doesn’t have to be elaborate, and you do not need to change your product packaging completely; you can simply include some Xmas colours in packages. When you think of Xmas season, what colours come to mind, green, red, gold and black? Use them in your product packaging. This is a great and simple way to give your packages a Xmas vibe while retaining your brand identity. A great way to incorporate the Christmas theme without spending too much on Xmas packaging is using Christmas themed sticky tape, this way you can save by not having to buy specialized packaging and just pack your satchels or boxes with this Christmas Themed Packing Tape.


  1. Vintage designs:

This is something about using vintage designs for your packages that invokes the feeling of nostalgia and warmth; that's what the Xmas season is about, which is why incorporating vintage style into packaging designs is to join the festivities. It doesn't have to be complicated, and you do not need to change your entire packaging style; just adding a touch of vintage design to stimulate your customer's emotions would be perfect.


  1. Xmas-themed labels:

These labels can carry fun handwritten fonts that help to give a homely feel. You should also include images and drawings that portray the Xmas season. This is another great way to give your packages a Xmas look without changing your already existing package that your customers are used to.


  1. Xmas cards or notes:

Personalised Xmas cards are also a great way to upgrade your packaging. Including a Christmas note with words written using a fun font in each package will give your customers a feeling that you appreciate and care about them. These notes can contain thank you messages or a simple Xmas wish. These messages do not have to be too long; the simpler, the better.


When choosing a Xmas style to include in your package, it is important to not just go for something everyone is doing. Pick a design or style that works best for you and devise ways to make it more unique and stand out. Think of ways to make your packaging style more memorable and appreciated by your customers. If you can get this right, it offers many benefits for your business. Here are some of those benefits:


  1. Drive sales:

When choosing a packaging style, the primary goal is to increase sales. You would not go for a packaging style that customers would not appreciate, leading to a drop in sales. You need to go for one that speaks to and appeals to your customers. This should be the main goal of your packaging strategy; as much as choosing the best packaging design will aid in increasing brand awareness, you should also use it to get the most out of the festive period.


  1. Great marketing strategy:

Festive packaging styles can be another great marketing strategy. Many brands have been using this strategy for marketing, and the turnover has been great; you can too. The more customers appreciate your packaging style, the more popular it becomes and the more customers you are likely to get. This is why it's important to go for ideas that are not very generic, and everyone is doing it. Come up with different ways to tweak and improve some of the ideas listed above and make them unique to your brand.


  1. Increases customer sense of loyalty to your brand:

There's usually a lot of competition among e-commerce businesses during the festive season because different brands are jumping on the Festive season-themed package trend and coming up with ways to ensure that their existing customers are happy while also gaining new followers. If your business can come up with and adopt a packaging style that appeals to your customers, they will be happy and satisfied, and, in turn, their loyalty to your business will increase.


  1. Connects you with your customers:

During the festive season, many people prefer to order gifts directly from the e-commerce business and straight to their friends and family without having to collect the gift items and then rewrap them before sending them out. If your business offers a great and personalised Xmas package, this would be a great way to reach new customers and form connections. Using Xmas-themed packages that appeal to your customers' emotions will help you connect with them more.


There are numerous designs you can try for your packages this coming Xmas period that will offer numerous benefits to your business in terms of sales and brand awareness. However, when choosing a packaging style, you should go for one that also aligns with your brand identity and product or services. You do not want to go for a packaging style that completely contracts with your brand identity. So go for one that works with your brand and that your customers will appreciate. You can even combine two Xmas packaging ideas that you feel would work best and go with it.


Thank you for reading this article and hopefully we at Awesome Pack have provided you with some new and innovative ideas on how to bring the Christmas Cheer to your eCommerce business.

Always bringing you value to your eCommerce journey,

Awesome Pack Team

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