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Courier Bags Size & Thickness Guide for Australian Online Sellers

For Aussie Online Sellers who are using Courier Bags (aka Mailing Satchels, Poly Mailers) there are many Sizes and Thickness available in the market and this article will provide you with insights on choosing the suitable Courier Bag for your business.

Before you keep reading we thought we would define some commonly used terms in the packaging industry for Courier bags:

Courier Bags, Mailing Satchels, Poly Mailers - means the same thing

Micron - Thickness measurement (Australian Standard is 60 micron)

mm - millimetres


Let's use Australia Post Satchels as a Benchmark as most people have used it before and have a rough idea of how it feels like:

Sizes: range from Small (220x335mm) to Extra Large (435x510mm) for all sizes go to Australia Prepaid Satchels

Thickness: old prepaid bags (will be fazed out)70 micron, new prepaid bags (5kg limit) 75 micron


Different Courier Bag Sizes Available:


We hope the above info helped you to decide what size and thickness you should look for when packaging your goods for shipping.





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