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Different Types of Packaging Tapes available in the Australian Market

Packaging tapes play an important role in packaging. While tapes are used primarily to seal boxes, there is more to tapes hence why tapes are not produced equally.

There are many packaging tapes, with each having different qualities based on thickness, temperature resistance, adhesive strength.

Therefore, it is pertinent that you know all you can about packing tapes, including the different types of packaging types and what each is best suited for before making your choice on the tape to use depending on its purpose.


packaging tape for the Australian eCommerce industry

Types of Packaging Tape and what each type is best suited for

  1.       Acrylic Packaging Tape

Commonly referred to as carton sealing tape or box tape, acrylic tape is versatile and ideal for most standard packing boxes, especially corrugated boxes. The tape offers high quality, works at a temperature range of 0˚C to 65˚C, and has excellent UV resistance.

You can apply the acrylic tape with a machine or hand, and they reach their maximum adhesion very quickly once applied. They have excellent shear and peel strength, are very dependable and require no preparation.

  1.       Hot Melt Tape

The hot melt tape is a type of packing tape that gets sticky when heat is applied. They work at a temperature of 3˚C to 50˚C and perform well under stress and strain. This tape is easy to unroll and is dependable.

Although they can be used for different types of boxes, they are best suited for boxes with a high volume of recycled material. You can apply the holt melt tape by hand or with a machine.


What is the difference between Acrylic and Hot Melt Packaging Tapes?

While both the Acrylic and Hot Melt tapes are comparable in function and price, they are not interchangeable and have some differences between them.

  •         The acrylic tape consists of two layers; a film backing and an emulsion acrylic adhesive layer. The hot melt tape consists of three layers; a film layer, a special release coat for easy unwinding of the roll, and an adhesive layer.
  •         They work best at different temperatures, with acrylic tape performing best at harsh temperatures, including hot and cold temperatures. The hot melt is best suited to a steady temperature.
  •         The hot melt tape offers a greater holding power because it is stronger than the acrylic tape, while the acrylic tape has high resistance to UV light and is unlikely to turn yellow over time, unlike the hot melt tape.

The choice of which tape to choose should be based on the application you want to use it for.


Natural Rubber Tape

Best suited for boxes with high recycled content and wide or irregular surfaces, the natural rubber tape can be used in average and cold temperatures.

This tape possesses high adhesion properties and offers resistance against diluted acids, alkalis, and saltwater.


Double Sided Tape

The double-sided tape has both sides of a carrier substrate material coated with a thin layer of strong adhesive, creating the double-sided tape. It is a multipurpose tape and can be used for a variety of applications across industries.

The double-sided tape adds aesthetics to your packaging as it allows you to choose the side you want to use and conceal it away from the plain side when sealing your package, creating a beautiful and clean design.


Label Protection Tape

Also known as printed tape, the label protection tape is available in pre-printed or custom-designed colours and displays important packaging messages and brand awareness messages. “Handle with care” and “Fragile” are some of the most common descriptions used.

It is a high-strength tape that is water, abrasion, and chemical resistant and can be used on various surfaces, including plastic, metal, and wood.


Vinyl Packaging Tape

With high adhesive strength, vinyl packaging tape is the strongest type of tape available. It is durable, can withstand more pressure, tension, and extreme temperature. These properties make it perfect for packaging items that need freezing in particular.

Its strength ensures that it can keep products sealed for months with little chance of leakage or wastage.


Masking Tape

Possessing a high heat resistance of up to 250˚F, masking tape is a versatile tape used across industries for various purposes, including painting and lightweight packaging. There are different types of this tape, including construction grade heavy-duty masking tape, water and oil resistant industrial masking tape, and general-purpose masking tape.


Transparent Tapes

Also known as clear tape, this packaging tape is the traditional tape, and it continues to have a high demand due to its qualities. Its strong adhesive strength makes it firm, glossy aesthetics, which gives it a clear but appealing look, and multipurpose application makes it a good choice.


What are some environmentally friendly packaging tape options out there?

More than ever, eCommerce businesses are becoming more environmentally friendly conscious, emphasising the environment.

Environmentally friendly packaging tapes are fast becoming the popular choice for eCommerce companies in their choice of tape selecting for a job.

Paper packing tapes are an eco-friendly alternative to plastic tapes. They are hygienic and can be recycled. They possess a high adhesion and can withstand a variety of different environmental conditions. Here are a few options available;


Water Activated Tape

This tape is also known as the gummed paper tape, is made from kraft paper. It consists of a starch-based adhesive that offers high tensile strength.

The adhesive gets activated when it comes in contact with water making it sticky and forming a strong bond which ensures proper sealing. This makes it an attractive option of tape to utilize.


Self-Adhesive Kraft Paper Packaging Tape

Also made from kraft paper, this type of tape, unlike the water-activated tape doesn’t need water to be activated as it contains an adhesive that is already activated.

The tape can easily be applied as it is released from the roll just like the standard packing tape types and contains adhesive strength to ensure proper sealing for a long time.

Awesome Pack has Plain Kraft Paper Tapes 48mm x 50m and also Pre-printed FRAGILE kraft paper tapes for the eco-friendly eCommerce business.

  •         Compostable Tape

This type of tape gets composted into the soil after use instead of being recycled. Made of Biodegradable natural film and natural rubber adhesive making it the ultimate choice for eco-friendly eCommerce businesses.

Awesome Pack has Compostable tape 50mm x 80m that is Australian Certified AS4736 for commercial composting.


What are kraft paper types good for?

Kraft paper is a strong thick paper or cardboard created through the kraft process from chemical pulp. There are different types, and they are good for varying purposes, including;

  •         Envelopes
  •         Corrugated layered cardboard
  •         Paper sacks for food and goods
  •         Sandpaper base


Common Widths and lengths of Packaging Tapes

The most common widths of packaging tapes are 48mm to 50mm. The 48mm wide packaging tapes are an excellent choice to select for most common boxes used by eCommerce businesses to ship their goods.

The length of the most common packaging tape is 75 metres long.


How does the thickness of a packaging tape impact the selection of the right tape for the job?

Packaging tapes are primarily important to seal packaging, and as such, it is important to choose the right selection of tape for each package to ensure adequate sealing of the box.

The weight of the box should be considered when selecting the tape because the thickness of the tape would determine if the tape can support the box. Simply put, the thicker the tape, the more weight it can support.


What are some common Pre-printed Packaging Tapes used in the Freight and Logistics industry?

  •         Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) tapes are the most commonly used adhesive packing tape in the freight and logistics industry. Possessing high tensile strength, heat resistance, UV resistance, and abrasion resistance, the BOPP tapes are used across various applications, including medium and heavy-duty box sealing.

They are reliable, perform well under extreme temperatures, and have glossy surface thick tapes and is easy to either pre-print or coat.

Awesome Pack has Fragile and Top Loading pre-printed plastic tapes for the freight and logistics industry.


Best Packaging Tape for Shipping light Parcels in Ecommerce

Acrylic adhesive packing tapes 48mm x75m is the go to tape for packaging light boxes within 10kg. It is strong enough to hold and can withstand most temperatures making it the favourite for packing boxes in Australia.

Awesome Pack’s economical 48mm x75mm clear acrylic packing tape is the perfect tape for light boxes.


Best Packaging Tape for Shipping Heavy Parcels in Ecommerce

Most Acrylic adhesive packing tapes will do the job for packing boxes that weigh less than 15kg, but for heavier boxes like around 20kg boxes you may need to tape it twice or use a Hot melt adhesive tape which is not as common and may cost a lot more.


Best Packaging Tape for Moving and Storage

Regarding the best choice of tape to select for moving and storage, you require a reliable, strong, and sticky tape that can withstand extreme temperatures for a long period and remain intact.

Awesome Pack’s economical 48mm x75mm clear acrylic packing tape is the perfect tape for most moving and storage applications.

Packaging tapes are very important, and while there are different types of packaging tapes, each has its properties and qualities, which make them suitable for specific jobs. It is important to select the appropriate tape needed.

This article is a guide to help you with your choice of selection, but ultimately, the choice is dependent on you! Ensure you make the right choice.


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