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HoneyComb Kraft Paper Wrap – The New Eco-Friendly Bubble Wrap Alternative

There is a new way to cushion your product during shipping and that is the innovative HoneyComb Kraft Paper Wrap. Put simply it is Plain Kraft Paper that is cut into HoneyComb shaped pieces that creates a strong cushion to wrap your fragile and delicate items when packing.

HoneyComb Kraft Paper Wrap 90m when stretched

The old staple of Bubble Wrap has always been used for protective packaging until now as Brands that are forward thinking and Eco-friendly grow rapidly in the eCommerce industry. This is due to the negative effects of using Bubble Wrap with plastic being building up in our landfills and lasting over 1000 years. While our HoneyComb Kraft Paper are made out of 100% Kraft Paper and is Compostable & Recyclable so no matter which bin you throw it in will biodegrade or recycled into something else for re-use to save our environment.

Brands like Adore Beauty, Iconic and even Chemist Warehouse are users of honeycomb Kraft Paper Wrap and so can you, even though it is around twice as expensive when compared with Bubble Wrap but the positive vibe your customers will get when receiving eco-friendly packaging would far outweigh the cost and plus it is great PR for your business.


Key Advantages of using HoneyComb Kraft Paper Wrap:

Compostable & Recyclable - Save our Environment from Plastic that lasts over 100 years

Save Space – You can store around 20 times of amount of honeycomb Kraft Paper wrap when compared to Bubble wrap. (100m rolls of 500mm wide bubble wrap is around 0.25 cubic metre and for that space you can store 4-5 rolls of 450 metres of 500mm wide HoneyComb Kraft Paper Wrap)

Easy to Reuse – Your customer can re-use the product as either protective cushion or void fill

Happy Customers – Everyone is very conscious of being Eco-friendly and some will rave about it

Positive PR for your business – Eco-friendly brands often are praised for using innovative and environmentally friendly packaging and it is something that is proudly displayed on their website



Double the Price – HoneyComb Kraft Paper Wrap is around twice as expensive as bubble wrap

Bubble wrap’s cushioning is slightly better- You may need to wrap using HoneyComb Kraft paper an extra layer as it is made of paper and not as tough.


If you have decided to use Awesome Pack’s innovative HoneyComb Kraft Paper Wrap then there are a 2 options to choose from:


  1. HoneyComb Kraft Paper Wrap with White Paper lining - Dispenser Box included

This Option is great for wrapping fragile items that scratch easily as the inner White paper lining protects the item from being scratched and the outer HoneyComb Kraft Paper wrap provides the cushioning. Click here for more information.


HoneyComb Kraft Paper Wrap with White Paper lining
  1. HoneyComb Kraft Paper Wrap - Dispenser Box included

This is the same as Option 1 but without the White Paper lining, perfect for goods that already have product packaging but needs the cushioning during transit. Find out more here.


HoneyComb Kraft Paper with Cardboard Dispenser Box
  1. HoneyComb Kraft Paper Wrap on a Roll - you need to use your own dispenser

This Option is the cost effective solution with a Jumbo Roll of HoneyComb Kraft Paper, perfect for the high volume business. You can check out the Jumbo Rolls here.


HoneyComb Kraft Paper Wrap 250m

If you are not convinced but would like a small roll of HoneyComb Kraft Paper Wrap to test it out then you can check out our mini roll here. This small roll will give you a taste of what is it like to use this product and see how it goes during shipping to ensure this is the right cushioning solution for you.


I hope we at Awesome Pack have helped you in some way by reading this article and we wish you the best of luck in the ever changing eCommerce industry. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us via email here or Call us on 1300 816 800.


Always bringing you value to your eCommerce journey,


Bill Li


Awesome Pack

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