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How does Awesome Pack’s Bubble Wrap Compare with Other Common Wraps?

You must invest in quality packaging material. Shipping fragile items nationally or internationally requires proper packaging. Even if you are shipping non-fragile items, you will want to ensure they are well-protected to arrive at their destination in the same condition as when they left.

Awesome Pack Bubble Wrap

It's difficult to pick the appropriate packaging material for your products. Several packaging materials vary in price, quality, and use. We all know Awesome Pack’s Bubble wraps as the best wrap for shipping items. How well does it compare with other common wraps? This article will teach you some differences between Awesome Pack’s Bubble wraps and common wraps.


Bunnings is one of Australia's most famous bubble wraps suppliers. With a history dating far back to 1886, Bunnings has a rich heritage. In other words, over the years, Bunnings have devised new and improved ways to package items. Bunnings have a diverse list of bubble wraps for packaging like inflatable bubble wrap, light-duty, heavy-duty bubble wrap, multi wrap foam, etc. So, in terms of quality, there isn't much difference between Awesome Pack Bubble wraps and Bunnings Bubble wraps, as they are both made with low-density polythene (LDPE).

Where you'll find the main difference between Awesome Pack Bubble wraps and Bunnings Bubble wraps is in their sizes. If you seek a large bubble wrap, the Awesome Pack Bubble wraps are ideal. Bunnings Bubble wraps come between 10m and 25m long wraps, whereas you can find bubble wraps as long as 100m when you go for the Awesome Pack Bubble wraps. Also, Awesome Pack Bubble wraps are much more affordable than Bunnings Bubble wrap.

For example, a regular 500mm by 100m (10mm thick) Awesome Pack Bubble wrap costs $23. At the same time, a regular 500mm by 25m Bunnings Bubble wrap goes for $19. So, if you're to buy 100m long, Bunning's Bubble wraps will cost you almost four times more, making it $76, when you could have spent $23 for the same size and quality. That equates to Bunnings Bubble wrap is 230% more expensive than Awesome Pack’s 500mm x 100m bubble wrap.


Kmart is no new retail store founded in 1899. Kmart deals in all kinds of products from home decor to electronics, beddings, clothing, etc. Kmart offers several wraps, such as sealed air recycled bubble wrap, foam wrap, etc. You can also shop for bubble wraps from Kmart. But how well does the bubble wrap Kmart sell compares with others?

Kmart's bubble wraps are either made of polyethylene or polyurethane material, whereas Awesome Pack Bubble wraps are polyethylene. While polyethylene is an excellent material to have on a bubble wrap, it's always a good idea to have more options for special packages.

Apart from the quality of material used for making the bubble wrap, Kmart also offers bubble wraps in different sizes. If you want to go for the Kmart bubble wrap, you can find them at 5m long. Compared to Awesome Pack Bubble wraps, the Kmart bubble wraps Kmart is not that long. Apart from Kmart bubble wrap being short, they are quite expensive.

A regular 500mm by 100m Awesome Pack Bubble wrap costs only $23, whereas a 5m Kmart bubble wrap costs $5. So, it's up to you to determine if $100 for a 100m of bubble wrap is worth it or our own Bubble wrap at $23 for 100m for same 500mm width. That’s 334% more expensive than Awesome Pack’s 500mm x 100m Bubble wrap.


Officeworks is an Australian office supplies store founded in 1994. With more than 25 years up its sleeves, Officeworks has been able to master the craft of satisfying customers. Being a leading supplier of office supplies, art supplies, educational resources, etc., Officeworks supplies more than 40,000 products. Of the 40,000+ products you can find at Officeworks are bubble wraps.

The bubble wrap Officeworks supplies are quite diverse, with a wrap available for every product. Officeworks uses polyethylene on all its bubble wrap, a standard material for making bubble wraps.

While Officeworks bubble wraps come with pretty much the same material as Awesome Pack bubble wraps, one distinctive feature between these two wraps is their sizes.

Officeworks offers you a more diverse variety of sizes for its bubble wraps than Awesome Pack bubble wraps. But Officeworks bubble wraps are quite expensive compared to Awesome Pack Bubble wraps. For example, a 375mm by 100m Awesome Pack Bubble wrap costs about $18, whereas a 375mm by 100m Officeworks bubble wrap, which should cost less than a foil bubble wrap, costs $24.88, 38% more expensive than Awesome Pack’s 375mm width x 100m Bubble wrap.

Australia Post

The Australia Post is another famous supplier of bubble wraps many brands opt for. For many people, it is easier to buy Australia Post bubble wrap as they want to ship their products via Australia Post. But how well does the Australia Post bubble wrap compare with other wraps?

Australia Post bubble wraps come with the regular polyethylene material as other bubble wraps. The polyethylene materials are lightweight and thus will not add to the postage cost. Awesome Pack Bubble wraps also come with polyethylene material, so there aren't many differences between the material used in making these two bubble wraps.

When you compare the sizes of both Awesome Pack Bubble wraps and Australia Post bubble wraps, you will notice both wraps don't come with many variations in sizes. But one distinctive difference is that Awesome Pack Bubble wraps offer longer bubble wraps than Australia Post. One of the longest bubble wrap you can find at Australia Post is 10m, while Awesome Pack Bubble wraps offer bubble wraps as long as 100m. But if you want a smaller bubble wrap, you might want to go for Australia Post bubble wraps, as you can find wraps as small as 3m.

But with the convenience Australia Post bubble wraps offer, they are quite more expensive than Awesome Pack Bubble wraps. A typical 300mm by 10m Pack of 4 Australia Post bubble wrap costs $25.95, while a 300mm by 100m Awesome Pack Bubble wrap costs $14.00. So, you're essentially spending $11.95 more and getting 60m fewer bubble wraps when you buy the Australia Post bubble wraps. Or in other words Awesome Pack’s 300mm x 100m bubble wrap is $14 compared to Australia Post’s 300mm x 10m (4 pack) so total 40m for $25.95 and you need 2.5 times that to make it 100m which would be around $64. That would mean Australia Post’s 300mm x 100m equivalent would be 357% more expensive than Awesome Pack’s 300mm x 100m bubble wrap.



In summary, you must take note of the bubble wrap you choose to buy. While buying a certain bubble wrap may seem convenient, you may spend more money on bubble wraps than you budgeted. Awesome Pack Bubble wraps are cheaper and give you better quality than other bubble wraps. Awesome Pack remains the best bubble wrap to opt for compared to these four popular brand bubble wraps and you can see our entire range of Bubble Wraps here.


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