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How to Get the Most Use Out of your Dymo 4XL Printer?

Many Small businesses starting out on their online selling journey would purchase a widely used direct thermal printer, the DYMO 4XL Printer. It is a low capacity printer for businesses who print less than 30 freight labels per day.

The reason we call it a Beginner's Direct thermal printer is that the print speed is slow and the only label roll that fits into this printer is S0904980 label of maximum 220 labels per roll, which we sell the Compatible Version S0904980 at a fraction of the cost. 

Let us Summarise its Strength and Weaknesses so you can make your decision:


  • Widely Available like Officeworks and if you Google Dymo 4XL Printer you will get a vast array of online sellers competing for your business.
  • High Quality Printing even though Freight labels are chucked in the bin when your customer receive their parcel.
  • Cheapest Direct Thermal Printer that can print Freight labels (Australian freight companies like Australia Post, Startrack, Fastway, Couriers Please all use the standard 100x150mm Labels) Cost ranging from $250-$300


  • Biggest Problem BY FAR is that the Dymo 4XL printer is prone to Paper Jams and when it jams it has a high chance of being unable to be fixed. This is due to the way the printer is designed with the print head located near the roller.
  • Although some Paper Jams may be fixed with feeding in new labels but some times it kills the printer and the only way to fix it is to take it apart.
  • Low capacity - each roll only have 220 labels where workhorses like the Zebra GC420D can fit 500 labels per roll.
  • The Labels are generally around 20-30% more expensive than Zebra labels. Our Desktop Zebra freight labels are around 2.5 cents per label while Dymo freight labels are around 3.1 cents per label.


As pointed out the BIGGEST PROBLEM with the DYMO 4XL printer is the Paper jamming issue, in order to get the most use out of the printer we Strongly suggest you to buy some Dymo Cleaning Cards.

By using this once a month it will reduce the chance of paper jams as it clean the adhesive residue left on the roller of the printer which can cause labels feeding into the printer to stick on and get stuck. 

Even DYMO themselves recommend you using a Dymo Cleaning card once a month (more frequent if you print in larger volumes like over 50 labels/day)

To summarise, if you are dead set on the DYMO 4XL Printer then get yourselves some Dymo Cleaning Cards to prolong the longevity of this printer.

Hope this brought some value to you.



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