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How to Package and Ship Rapid Antigen Test Kits for Medical Supplies Businesses?

Rapid Antigen Test Kits are becoming more and more popular in the current climate and many businesses have jumped on board to sell them.

In recent days we have been asked by many of our medical supplies customers on what is the best way to package these Test Kits to ship them safely and also ship them efficiently due to the enormous demand.

Packaging for Rapid Antigen Test Kits

We have listed below a few Packaging Options for you to consider when shipping Rapid Antigen Test Kits to your customers. 


Mailing satchels white exterior and black interior

1. Mailing Satchel or Compostable Satchel

This is the most efficient way to ship your Rapid Antigen Test Kits as it is self sealing and easy to fulfil by your warehouse staff. Plastic Courier Bags are much cheaper than Compostable satchels by as much as 300% but Compostable is eco-friendly and able to be deposited in Home Composts. Awesome Pack's Compostable Satchels are Australian Certified AS5810, one of the highest standard for compostable products.

If you are worried about test kits being crushed during transit then you may want to use some cushioning packaging like Bubble Wrap or the eco-friendly HoneyComb Kraft Paper Wrap.


padded envelopes

2. Padded Envelopes

This is just as efficient as using mailing satchels but with the already added cushioning effect from the bubble wrap lining. This will further reduce your time to dispatch with one less thing to do wrapping bubble wrap or Honeycomb wrap around it. So if you think you want the additional cushioning effect to protect your product then this Bubble Mailer/Padded Envelopes is the one for you.


Mailing Box packaging Rapid Antigen Test Kits

3. Mailing Boxes

This is the ultimate for protecting your Test kits during transit as it is the most rigid. However it's biggest issue is the price, using Mailing boxes will be at least 5 times more expensive than mailing satchels so the Medical Supplies customers who don't believe it is required for shipping the test kits safely will often not use this option. We have a range of Mailing boxes that may be suitable for shipping test kits.

Overall, which packaging option you go for will depend whether or not you think protection during transit is important for not (ie likely or not for the Rapid Antigen Test Kits to be crushed) Most of our Medical Supplies customers use the economical option of Mailing Satchels as they believe the product already have a box and the likelihood of it being damaged is low.

Always helping you on your eCommerce journey,


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