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How to Save Money on a4 Address Labels for Your E-commerce Business?

Address labels are an essential part of e-commerce logistics. No matter the size of your store, using an address label clarifies the content or shipping information of a package.

While address labels are essential, they can quickly add to the total expenditure of an e-commerce business. As a result, many business owners often wonder what they can do to save money on address labels.

One of the easiest ways to save money on address labels is using A4 address labels. A4 address labels are a popular choice not only because they are cost-effective and versatile and come in several types and varieties.

In this article, you will learn some tips you can use to save money on A4 address labels. But first, let’s look at the different types of A4 address labels in the market.

4 per page A4 Labels

Types of A4 Address Labels in the Market?

A4 address labels are fantastic as they come in different variations. You can find A4 address labels in variations of 1, 2, 4, 5, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 21, 24, 30, 33, and 65 per sheets.

Most e-commerce business owners use A4 labels for barcoding on products. Other e-commerce business owners use it to provide information about the product and fill shipping address information, amongst other things.

While there are different types of A4 address labels, what you want to use them for will determine the kind of address label you get. Below we categorised A4 address labels but not limited into two major groups:

According to Features  
  • Waterproof labels

When the package you are labelling will be exposed to the elements, a waterproof label is more appropriate. So, a little bit of rain or water splashes wouldn't damage your label.

  • Stretch-resistant labels

The stretch-resistant labels are a safe and secure option you can use when you want to ensure no one tampers with your package. If stretched, it will be obvious that someone tampered with it.

  • Removable labels

As the name suggests, removable labels are removable when no longer in need. Therefore, this label is ideal when temporary labelling is needed.

According to Material
  • Matte paper

Labels made with matte paper are translucent, non-shiny material with an attractive texture. Matte paper labels give your package a subtle, elegant, organic look.

  • Gloss-finish paper

Unlike matte labels, labels made with a gloss finish are transparent, clear, and shiny. Gloss-finish paper labels give your package a simple, sophisticated, and vibrant look.

  • Transparent labels

If you do not want to use a gloss-finish paper label, you can always choose a transparent label. Transparent labels are made from a clear polyester material that makes them strong and waterproof.

Now that you know the different types and variations of labels you can use in your e-commerce business, what's next? Below are some tips that will help you save money on address labels.

We at Awesome Pack has a wide range of A4 Labels that may suit your business, check out the Full Range of A4 Labels here. The A4 Labels are split between FULL CUT which are cut to the edge and Avery Compatible which has borders around the page and are compatible with Avery Word Templates.

Avery Address Labels

As one of the world's largest labels suppliers, Avery offers a wide range of labelling and filing solutions for businesses and personal use. Whether simple labelling at home or complex mailing and filing needs for your e-commerce, Avery got you covered with its labelling solution that fits any product.

Avery matte labels retails for around $45/100 sheets at your local Officeworks whereas our Awesome Pack A4 Labels that are matte only retail for $20/100 sheets or as cheap as $11/100 sheets if you buy a box of 1,000 sheets. That's 50% to 75% cheaper than Avery labels. 

Officeworks PPS Branded A4 Labels

Whether you are operating a small business or you're simply trying to organise your home storage or labelling school items, Officeworks PPS A4 labels are designed to suit your needs. With a wide range of home and office supplies to choose from, such as furniture, technology, labels, and so on, you can't go wrong with Officeworks.

Using Officeworks address labels will help your products stand out as each label is designed from the end users' perspective.   Aside from that, Officeworks helps your packages stand out with their high-quality materials. 

Officeworks home brand PPS A4 matte labels retails for around $35/100 sheets at your local Officeworks whereas our Awesome Pack A4 Labels that are matte only retail for $20/100 sheets or as cheap as $11/100 sheets if you buy a box of 1,000 sheets. That's 40% to 65% cheaper than Officeworks PPS branded labels. 

Why choose Awesome Pack's branded A4 labels?

  • Wide range of applications

Although our labels are matte but they are suitable for many applications like labelling within the office and warehouse for labelling folders, shelving etc. But the most common usage is for address labels and you can pick the right size to suit your package.

  • Compatible with a huge range of printers

Awesome Pack's A4 Labels works with both inkjet and laser printers making it versatile and suitable for the office and warehouse.

  • Affordable

The best part about using Awesome Pack's A4 labels is that it will save you money. As from the price comparisons with both Avery and Officeworks PPS made above in January 2022 you can see that Awesome Pack's A4 Labels are up to 65% cheaper than Officeworks PPS branded A4 labels and up to 75% cheaper than Avery matte labels.

Use a Dymo 450 direct thermal printer instead?

One option any financial expert will recommend you save money on address labels is to print them yourself. If you want to print your address labels yourself, you should go for a Dymo 450 direct thermal printer.

The Dymo 450 direct thermal printer is ideal for various labelling tasks. Whether for printing address, bar codes, return address, file folder, posters, name badges, and so on, the Dymo 450 direct thermal printer offers a range of labels for different purposes.

Why choose Dymo 450 direct thermal printer?
  • Easy to use

The Dymo 450 direct thermal printer is a portable, handheld label maker for home and office use. The design of the printer is such that it is easy to use. With it, you can create custom labels in seconds, saving you time money and keeping things organised.

  • Doesn't require an ink

Another good news about using Dymo printers is that they don't use ink. Hence, this saves you the cost you would have incurred on inks, thus making them the ideal printers for anyone looking to save money on address labels.

  • Minimal paper jam issues

When you use Dymo printers, you wouldn't have to deal with the hassle of paper jams. This is because Dymo designed their printers to handle tough and durable labels.

At Awesome Pack we have a wide range of Dymo compatible labels of various sizes to suit your needs and best of all they are only a fraction of the price of original DYMO labels. Check out Awesome Pack's Full Range of Compatible Dymo Labels here.


Organising your homes and offices with these few tips in this article is the most cost-effective way. Apart from helping you save money; they also leave a professional look on your items. So if you're not already taking advantage of these labelling tips, it's time to get onboard. Click here to shop our Full range of A4 adhesive labels.


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