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Logistics and Transport sticker labels for Shipping Parcels - Fragile, Heavy & This Side Up Labels

Labelling your parcel correctly will ensure it smoothly travel to its destination. So after you have affix the freight label which in Australia is the standard size of 100x150mm (roughly A6 in size) onto your parcel then you need to think about whether you need any logistics or transport warning labels on it. This Awesome Pack article about logistics labels will detail the common custom labels used to ensure your goods arrive at their destination safely and in one piece.



Fragile Sticker Label


Fragile Sticker Labels – to be used for all things Fragile and need to be handled with care and easy to break

Apart from the 100x150mm freight label, this Fragile label is undoubtedly the next most used label for all things fragile. So if you are shipping products that are made of glass, ceramics, electronics, handmade crafts, jewellery and other easy to break things then this label is your friend and a must have. Even if your parcel is not very fragile but because you taped 2 boxes together to save on postage and you think in transit it may break, then it is also worth putting on a couple of these labels to safeguard your parcel in the shipping journey.

Generally your parcel will be handled by many of the courier’s staff, starts with the van driver taking the parcel, then it gets sorted at the depot then it might be trucked to another state and then resorted in the arrival depot for the final courier driver to deliver the parcel to your customer. Once you put on the fragile paper sticker label to get the following benefits from the courier:

  • Slightly extra care from the courier’s drivers and sorting staff when processing your parcel during the shipping journey.
  • Your parcel may be placed on top of other parcels within the courier driver’s van
  • Your parcel may be thrown less times in the depot by sorting staff compared to a non-fragile labelled parcel.


Although labelling your parcel with Fragile sticker label will alert the courier to Handle with Care but it is also your responsibility to pack your fragile item correctly. So if your cardboard box is not full, then please fill up the rest of the empty space with void fill like Bio fill packing peanuts or cushion packaging products like bubble wrap or honeycomb kraft paper wrap for a more Eco-friendly option.

Awesome Pack’s Fragile Label has a bright red background with large bold black writing so it stands out on every package. Try it today to lower the percentage of breakages for your goods in transit.


heavy printed sticker label


Heavy Sticker Labels - to be used for all things 20kg or heavier

If you ship heavy items like over 20kg then consider using this label with Printed “Heavy” on it. Most large logistics fulfillment centre will require the box to be labelled “Heavy” to indicate to their staff to lift with care and ask for assistance from a colleague if required. Australia Post use the Heavy label on the parcel if it is over 15kg and so do Amazon’s fulfilment centre, they are good examples to copy from given their scale and size.

This Heavy sticker label will also indicate to your customer to lift with care so it doesn’t cause any injures and so they take extra care with lifting. Awesome Pack’s Heavy label has a highlighted yellow background with a bold black writing on them so it is very striking and easy to spot on any parcel.



this side up sticker labels


This Side Up Sticker Labels – to be used for all things that need to be placed in a particular direction

Any item that need to be placed on the floor in a particular direction with one side facing up then this “This Side Up” label is item to affix on the parcel. This is commonly used on white goods like fridges, washing machines, ovens, TVs, computer monitors.

Awesome Pack’s This Side Up sticker label has a vibrant green background with bold black writing which stands out from the package and alert the courier to take notice and adhere to the warning.


I hope we at Awesome Pack have helped you in some way by reading this article and we wish you the best of luck in the ever changing eCommerce industry.


Always bringing you value to your eCommerce journey,


Bill Li


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