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New Brother DK22251 Labels that can print in Red and Black

Brother have released a new type of label that can print in Red and Black on a white label background. The dimensions of the label roll is 62mm wide and continuous 15.24m in length giving it the flexibility to print label of different lengths. Please note this type of label works only on QL800, QL810W, QL820NWB Brother printers.


Brother DK22251 compatible printers


Being able to print in Red and Black it gives this DK22251 label the versatility to use it to print Name tags, fragile labels and other high visibility labels for your business. The key features are as follows:

  • Prints in Red and Black on a white label which makes it the most unique direct thermal printing technology on the market
  • Ideal for High Visibility Labels or Tags for any business
  • Continuous label allowing you to print in different lengths for any application
  • One of the very few direct thermal labels that can Print in Red and black


The retail shops like Officeworks you can buy a genuine Brother DK22251 label roll for $58.24 as of August 2021 making it one of the most expensive label rolls in the market. We at Awesome Pack have made a Label roll that is compatible with DK22251 but for only a fraction of the price at $24 per roll which is 58% cheaper than the original. And the more you buy the more you save our bulk buy pricing structure.


If you want to save 58% and buy our label roll that is compatible with DK22251 then click here for the best pricing.


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