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Packaging Used for Candle Box Businesses

The packaging is usually the first impression a customer gets of your product. And as they say, the first impression matters the most. Candles are growing in popularity due to their aesthetics, comforting ambience, and refreshing fragrance. However, one of the headaches sellers often deal with is packaging and shipping. If you sell candles online or in-person, you must invest in unique and functional packaging ideas because the candles are delicate, easy to scratch, and require special care during shipping. This guide will discuss great packaging ideas to present and protect your candles during transit.

Candle Box

What style of boxes are there for Candle boxes? RSC vs Gift Box configuration.

Right off the bat, there are different ways to package a gift, not just a candle. While it is true that there are industry standards for packaging a gift, it is perfectly fine to tweak things and introduce a bit of creativity to your packaging. Let us examine the basic box styles and how you can configure yours to stand out.

Regular slotted container (RSC)

The RSC is the most common box style, as it is highly efficient for different applications. It is a packaging box whose flaps are of the same length. The two outer and inner flaps are one-half of the container’s width. As a result, they meet at the centre of the box when closed.

Overlap slotted containers

An overlap slotted container is similar to a regular slotted container, except that the outer flaps overlap by up to one inch or more, despite the inner flap being of the same length. As a result, you can easily close and seal the box with staples through the overlap area or adhesives. Overlap-slotted boxes are commonly used where the box's width is less than the length, resulting in a long gap between the inner flaps. Sealing the flap prevents it from falling apart and spilling its content.

Half-slotted and full containers

A half-slotted container does not have one set of flaps. In contrast, full overlap slotted containers have flaps of the same length, and when closed, the outer flaps completely overlap the inner flaps by at least one inch. Full-slotted containers are more resistant to rough handling since the overlap adds cushioning and extra protection.


There are different basic ways to style your gift box. Others we have not mentioned include; centre special slotted containers, auto-lock bottom containers, telescoping boxes, wraparound blank, and folders. However, you can configure your packaging box to appeal more to your customer and reflect your business idea.


We at Awesome Pack have a Candle Box with size 105x105x115mm that will fit the common Candle size in the Australia Market.

Tips for configuring your candle box


The gift box design is one of the most interesting parts of the configuration; hence, why we are putting it out first. Generally, the design should reflect your brand’s overall aesthetics. For example, if you sell luxurious candles, you can use upscale packaging boxes. Regardless, you can include your brand’s logo, candle size, burn time, scent, and other helpful information. You can also use branded stickers or include a thank you card. The idea is to get creative and explore your imagination. More importantly, it must always meet the requirements for candle packaging.

Requirements for candle packaging

There are different types of candles, each with different properties and features. For example, some emit stronger scents than others, while some burn longer. We will examine the different types of candles in the coming subheadings.


Before choosing a type of packaging, you must consider the candle material, as it can affect packaging and shipping. Below are a few requirements you must pay attention to:

Heat protection

One mistake vendors make assuming their candles are safe inside a box and won’t melt during transit. Sadly, most logistics trucks can get very hot as they make their way through deliveries, especially in areas without air conditioning and excess warmth.  


Candle wax and wicks are highly flammable. Therefore, you must choose a packaging material that blocks direct sunlight. Also, don’t attempt to freeze your candle, as it can cause cracks and warp.

Moisture protection

Moisture is another factor that can affect your candle. Excessive moisture will cause the wax and wick to become ineffective. As a result, you must pay attention and package your candle in a way that prevents moisture. We recommend using paper tubes since they are a natural barrier to heat, humidity, and moisture.

Measure your candle

There are different types of candle boxes in the market, and one of the ways to save money is by buying the right size. Comfortable packaging keeps the candles and bubble wrap within the confines during transit, and it is more economical since you’re using every inch of the product. Therefore, before shipping, we recommend you measure your candles. This action will help you determine the right paper tube size and reduce waste.

Secure your package

Don’t just rely on adhesive and staples to seal your boxes. Instead, combine it with packing peanuts, bubble wrap, etc. This extra protection will prevent the content from shifting during transit and avoid breakage.

Pay attention to shipping guidelines

The United States Postal Service has regulations for shipping candles. Therefore, we recommend you check them out before shipping. Not only this, but you should also check the regulations of every other associated agency to ensure a smooth delivery.

Choose an eco-friendly and sustainable packaging

One of the most vital factors you must consider is sustainable packaging. Eco-friendly gift boxes protect the environment and convey that your business cares about sustainability and social responsibility. Instead of using Styrofoam and plastics that harm the environment, we recommend kraft paper.

Why you should pay attention to material type and thickness

Paperboard is one of the most popular packaging materials because of its eco-friendly and lightweight features. You can easily customise it to reflect your brand’s interest, and it is sustainable. Kraft paper tubes are the perfect solution for shipping candles. They are available in different sizes, colours, and designs and protect from heat, moisture, and other shipping hazards. The cylindrical tubes are stackable and it is fully recyclable.


Apart from kraft tube papers, you can try square custom product boxes or any other shape you want. Although the materials are sturdy and provide a strong outer layer, don’t forget to add padding to safeguard it during shipping.


Candles are famous for their smell and warmth and are used as decoration pieces. As a result, the market has different types, shapes, and sizes. The perfect packaging will make it a great gift and an opportunity to showcase your brand. Therefore, we recommend you carefully plan each stage of the shipping process to ensure your candles are protected during transit to their final destination. If you want to see an example of Candle Boxes you can check out our Candle Box 105x105x115mm for your online Candle business.  


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