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Self Sealing Mailing Boxes, the new way to package and ship in Australian e-Commerce


 Color: Kraft | Style: Die Cut | Material: Cardboard | Thickness: 2mm 


self sealing mailing box from Awesome Pack

Beautifully Designed Mailing Box 

With our self sealing mailing box for e-commerce businesses, there is no need to tape the box. Enjoy the excitement of packing without tape as this box can be packed and sealed by hand. This Awesome Pack Self Sealing Mailing Box is lightweight and comes ready to fold to its generic shape.


Double Adhesive Strip

Most people find it lovely when they consider things non-complicated, don’t you? That’s what the self sealing mailing box has to offer. The double adhesive strip ensures that shoppers don’t need to pass through the stressful process of packing and return the goods in the same packaging box as what they received and without need to tape. But that’s not all. After sealing the mailing box, it doesn’t open up. This Self Sealing Mailing Box brings convenience and a hassle-free experience. So, offer your customers a complete experience with a self sealing mailing box you can trust.


Highly Durable with Quality Material 

The Self Sealing Mailing Box is manufactured from superior cardboard material. It is sturdy enough to hold items of specific weight without pulling it apart or tearing. Enjoy the ergonomic, hard-padded mailing box that can stand the test of time. The quality material it's made of even allows easy re-usability.

Requires No Packing Tape             

Won’t you like to reduce the amount of time you spend whenever you are packaging an item using a mailing box? The Self Sealing Shipping Box is here to help you surprisingly save time yet be productive. The process of using packing tape is stressful and consumes a lot of time. Our Self Sealing Mailing Box made of adhesive strips does not require packing tape.


Eco-friendly Kraft Colour

Awesome Pack’s Self Sealing mailing box is Kraft in colour and is synonymous with eco-friendly as it is the colour after manufacturing without bleaching to another colour. Even though cardboard boxes are recyclable and eco-friendly the Kraft coloured box is the most environmentally friendly colour.  


Quick Peel-Off 

The fact that the Self Sealing Mailing Box has a double adhesive strip, you might be wondering if it’s difficult to peel off. No! This mailer box enables fast and easy peel-off without stressing the customer. So, to open the box, you must peel off the seal, which is quite easy to do.  


Makes Return Easy

If there is one thing that online customers want, it’s the chance to return a product if it doesn’t match their taste. Therefore, our self sealing shipping box makes it easy to return an item the same way it came with the same box. The self sealing box has double sides adhesive. Ideally, the seller uses one side during packaging. In case, there is need for return, the buyer uses the other sticky strip where adhesive is applied.

Great Choice for Online Businesses 

Do you run a product-based business through retailing, e-commerce, etc? Then, it means you ship and deliver items to distances that are far and near. The self sealing mailing box will help you package easily and ship effortlessly. We consider it a great option for businesses that operate online, but ship offline.   



Key Features;

Affordable: You don’t need to break a bank to purchase our self sealing shipping box. This box is produced from top-quality materials for a pocket-friendly rate. 

Complete Package: Don’t beat yourself about purchasing any additional accessories for this self sealing box. Once you buy the packaging box, it is a complete package on its own.

Easy to Use: You don’t need a manual to provide you with information or a guide on how to use the self sealing mailing box. It comes as already made, and truly ready for instant use.

Lightweight: You can lift this self sealing mailing box for hours without worrying about your hands falling off. This shipping box is ergonomic and featherweight.

Durable: The self sealing shipping box is made from top-quality materials with you, the shopper in mind. Consider it your new companion that won’t fail you in the long run. 

Resist Scratching: This box resists scratching, so, you don’t have to worry about quick wear and tear. 


What differentiates a Self Sealing Mailing Box and a traditional mailer box?

The Self Sealing Mailing Box is super unique as it does not require the use of tape or glue for the grip area. The mailing box has a visible red strip; therefore, customers can open the box by gently pulling the red strip with their hands. Unlike the traditional mailer box where you’ll have to tear a part of the box to access the item packed inside. In addition, the Self Sealing Mailing Box makes the return of goods quite easy – the box can be sealed again with the second adhesive strip. 


Why is having a double adhesive strip important?

Having a double adhesive strip on a Self Sealing Mailing Box is a smart move. Most customers find it difficult to return an item that isn’t their preferred choice due to re-packaging. With a self sealing mailer box, such difficulty is taken off. Hence, the importance of double adhesive on the box is to allow customers to return items with the same mailing box they received the item. The customer won’t struggle for a tape to reseal; instead, the double adhesive serves as a packing tape. 


Is self sealing box eco-friendly than traditional mailer boxes?

When using the Self Sealing Mailing box, you don’t require extra accessories like glue or seal tape. The intent of this is to help conserve resources and ensure their usage/consumption is minimal. On the other hand, a traditional mailer box is not completely eco-friendly because; it requires the use of packing tape. In the long run, this harms the convenience of customers.


Why You Should use the Self Sealing Mailing Box for your e-commerce business in Australia?

Utilizing the self sealing mailing box helps to save more time – this is one major reason for choosing the box. Imagine the scenario where an e-commerce business needs to fulfill multiple orders within a stipulated time. And, it chooses to use the traditional mailer box. This means that sealing tape will be wrapped around the box, and it requires a great amount of time to get that done. Wrapping tape around a mailing box makes it look archaic and unclean, unlike a self sealing mailing box where you won’t find tape on its part. Any e-commerce business in Australia that uses a self sealing mailing box demonstrates that they know what it is to work smart and put the customers in mind. 


What’s the cost difference between self sealing mailing boxes and traditional boxes?

Ideally, the cost of a mailing box depends on the kind of materials the box is made of. However, due to the sophisticated nature of a self-sealing mailing box, its unit cost is slightly higher than that of a traditional mailing box. For instance, the unit selling price for a self sealing mailing box 220 x 160 x 77mm is $1.05 while the cost for a die cut box (traditional mailing box) 220 x 160 x 77mm is $0.72.  


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