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Take Advantage of the NEW Australia Post Prepaid Pricing & Weight Tiers [Effective 30th Sept 2019]

If you haven't realised Australia Post have released New Prepaid Prices and Changes to their Weight Tiers [Effective 30th Sept 2019]

After going through them, the smart e-Commerce seller would realise how to play these new prices and weight tiers to their advantage. 


Before the Change:

  • Each Prepaid Satchel has 2 rules, a weight restriction and "as long as you can fit into the bag" restriction. ie small bag had a 500g limit, medium bag 1kg limit, Large bag 3kg limit, XL bag 5kg limit
  • Lower prices compared to the New prices

After the Change:

  • Each Prepaid Satchel has ONLY 1 rule and this is marketed by Australia Post as "If it fits it sends" and ALL prepaid bag sizes have the SAME weight limit of 5kg.
  • Higher prices compared to before


So you might have worked it out, it seems like now these Australia Post Prepaid Satchels favour the sellers who sell heavy things with the new weight limit of 5kg no matter what the size of the prepaid bag is.


This is Great news for the people who sell heavy things like paper based products and bad news for the seller who sell light and bulky items like puffy jackets.


No matter what type of seller you are we are sure these new structural changes to the prepaid satchel system will impact on how sellers pack and ship their products. 


Key Takeaways:

  • If you sell heavy items, work out which prepaid satchel would be sufficient to send so you can either keep the savings on postage or pass it on to your customers
  • If you sell light and bulky items, work out how the new prices will affect your profitability and either absorb or pass on the increase to your customers. Shop around to see if there is a better option for you to ship.
  • Your existing Australia Post Prepaid Satchels in your warehouse will be automatically converted into the new system so you can use them as per normal just all can take up to 5kg now.


I have listed the tables from Australia Post below for your reference and if you want to see all the changes please click this link NEW Australia Post Prepaid Pricing & Weight Tiers [Effective 30th Sept 2019]




Regular Post New Prices


Express Post New Prices


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