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This is Why you should not buy the Dymo 5XL Printer, keep your 4XL instead

In late 2021, DYMO started selling its Brand New Designed 5XL printer in Australia and although it has made some minor improvements, there is one fatal flaw and that is the DYMO 5XL can only be used with Genuine Authentic DYMO 4XL labels.

Why is this a huge problem? Well the Genuine DYMO 4XL label rolls are $55.95/roll at Officeworks (last time checked December 2021) and third party labels that are Compatible with 4XL like Awesome Pack’s own Compatible with 4XL labels are only a fraction of the cost starting at $10/roll and you can bulk buy as cheap as $6/roll (for 120 rolls)

Below is a Case study on How much extra DYMO 5XL will cost you to print labels:

Size of online Business

Usage: Rolls/month

(220 labels/roll)

Cost of Using Genuine 4XL Labels ($55.95/roll)

Cost of Using Awesome Pack’s Compatible Labels

Savings per month (per year)

Small (0-30 orders per day)

4 Rolls



$183/month (or $2196/year)

Medium (31-100 orders per day)

12 Rolls



$551/month (or $6612/year)


The above savings are calculated on Awesome Pack’s one pack price which is $10/roll, if you buy in a 5 pack it is only $8/roll and it goes as economical as $6/roll for a pack of 120 rolls. So the savings shown above is the minimum amount you will save if you use our own compatible labels for the DYMO 4XL printer.

The additional cost of running the New DYMO 5XL printer should deter any smart eCommerce business owner from using it and they should keep their DYMO 4XL Printer for label printing moving forward. The really smart online business owner would buy another DYMO 4XL printer as a backup as DYMO is phasing them out so it might be very difficult to get your hands onto one in 2022 and beyond. Luckily Awesome Pack still have some DYMO 4XL printers which you can stock up on.

Dymo 5XL Printer for shipping labels


The next question is When will the Compatible DYMO 5XL printer labels come out? This is anyone’s guess as people in the industry forecast July 2022 would be the earliest date when a compatible version may come out and it is only a tentative date and may be delayed.

So overall, even with the minor improvements on the DYMO 5XL Printer like an on/off button and ethernet capability, the massive increase in the cost of buying Authentic DYMO 4XL labels is simply just too much and does not make any commercial sense for any eCommerce business owner.


Always helping you on your eCommerce journey,


Bill Li | Founder | Awesome Pack

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