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Top 10 questions about Mailing Boxes in e-Commerce Packaging

Mailer boxes are a huge part of e-commerce, especially those who ship long distances. Businesses can send different items from small to large to fragile with a mailer box without worries. Moreover, mailer boxes are customisable, which helps e-commerce businesses create the best packaging for their products to stand out from the competition. So, whether you're a business owner thinking of changing your packaging to boxes or you're already using boxes for packaging, this article is for you. In this article, we'd be talking about the top 10 frequently asked questions about mailboxes in e-commerce.

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  1. What kind of boxes are best for shipping?

Corrugated cardboards are the most frequently used mailbox for shipping. Many e-commerce stores use corrugated cardboard because they are cost-effective and versatile. Corrugated cardboard boxes can be used for small to multiple items. Coupling a corrugated cardboard mailbox with a nicely designed label makes a standout packaging box.

However, choosing a mailer box for shipping is very important to do so carefully. You ought to consider the nature of what you're shipping, as well as the condition of the shipping environment. With this, you can then choose what material of the shipping box will best suit your needs.

  1. How do I know what kind of size box I need?

As you may have thought, mailing boxes come in different sizes. To know the right size for you, you need to consider the size of the item you're shipping. You can package single small items in small boxes or package multiple small items in larger boxes.

Packaging small items in small boxes is more secure and has a nice finish. Whereas packaging multiple small items in large boxes lets you ship all your items in one place. Ideally, the size of the box you end up using depends on your preference.

  1. How do I pack a product for shipping?

Packaging products the right way is essential in ensuring it gets to customers whole, saving you the need to ship a replacement. How you package any product depends on the nature of the product. Several packaging materials suit the packaging needs of different products.

Polyethylene will work best if you're trying to create an air-tight seal for lightweight products. However, for shipping documents or painting, packaging tubes are ideal. There are also single, and double-layered cardboard boxes that are ideal. You can also get fillers like styrofoam, bubble wrap, tissue paper to cushion the product when packaging products.

  1. Can I use my own mailbox packaging for Australia Post?

Yes, as an e-commerce owner in Australia, you have the option to use your mailbox to send packages. Note that you can send up to 5kg within Australia when sending packages via your mailbox. And how much you are charged for sending packages with your mail is dependent on actual weight or its cubic weight equivalent, whichever is greater.

It is also possible to send packages outside Australia using your own mailbox. When shipping outside Australia, your postage will also be based on the weight of your item. Furthermore, the destination and delivery speed will also be considered when determining the postal cost.

  1. How do I pack multiple items for shipping?

When packing multiple items, a rule of thumb is to pack them tightly. If there are empty spaces in the package, the items will move around during shipping, which can potentially cause damage. When you want to pack items, pack them in the right shipping box.

When packing multiple items, you should also add a cushion between the items to protect them from each other. So, even during shipping, it wouldn't get damaged if the items moved around. Also, ensure you properly seal the top of the packaging box and double-check to ensure the package is secure. You can fill the empty spaces within the box with void fill and Awesome Pack’s Bio Fill does the job fine.

  1. Does putting "fragile" on a box help?

When shipping fragile items, it is important to indicate that it is fragile with a label or using Fragile Printed Tape. Adding the "fragile" label helps because it tells couriers that the box's content is fragile and should be treated with care. So when they are handling it, they will always keep it on top of other items.

It also helps to indicate which way the packaging box should be if it is important. For example, perhaps transporting the packaging on its side may damage it, then indicate it along with the fragile label. Similarly, if the package can also be damaged by water, it should also be indicated with labels so couriers will store it away from where water could get to it. 

  1. What type of mailing box best suits shipping flat products?

The best mailing box for shipping flat products is a well-corrugated cardboard box. A corrugated cardboard box is an affordable option for packaging flat products and is versatile. And the best part is that corrugated cardboard comes in different sizes and thicknesses depending on the amount of protection you need.

e-Commerce stores can use corrugated cardboard boxes for packaging flat items from office items to kitchen gadgets to home supplies and so on. Corrugated cardboard boxes are also great at keeping moisture away from products, thus making them an ideal packaging option for shipping flat electronic devices. In summary, the use of corrugated cardboard boxes is numerous.

  1. Are all mailing boxes recyclable and eco-friendly?

Not all mailing boxes are recyclable! But the majority of mailing boxes are recyclable, including Awesome Pack’s Mailing boxes are all recyclable. Provided the corrugated cardboard boxes are clean and dry, they can be placed in the recycling bin, from the bin to the factory, where they will be treated and made into new corrugated cardboard boxes.

On the contrary, most plastic mailing boxes are not recyclable. Hence, they have to be disposed of properly as they are not biodegradable. Mailing boxes like cereal box plastic, clear plastic wrap, soiled plastic bottles, and so on, just to mention a few, are not recyclable.

  1. What is the cost difference between using courier bags and mailing boxes?

When it comes to shipping items, courier bags are a more popular option because of its lightweight, versatile, and quite protective. In addition, compared to mailing boxes, courier bags are cheaper and offer almost the same protective capabilities.

Courier bags are made from strong polyethylene material, which is soft and flexible. For added protective capabilities, you can add bubble wraps inside the courier bag or other forms of cushioning when shipping items like clothing and jewellery, courier bags are ideal compared to mailing boxes.

However in terms of presentation nothing beats a nice looking box. It not only add that premium feel but also leaves a great unboxing experience. Awesome Pack has gift boxes that every ecommerce business owner needs.

  1. What packaging tapes can I use with mailing boxes?

After packaging items in a mailing box, it's important to seal them properly with tapes. In addition, it is essential to use the right tape depending on what you are trying to achieve. When choosing the tape to use, there are several factors you have to consider.

For example, some tapes are meant for heavy-duty or cold temperatures. Similarly, some tapes are water activated, while some are water-resistant. The idea here is to choose a tape with a strong enough adhesive power that suits your needs.

Clear plastic film packing tape is the norm for most ecommerce businesses, however more eco friendly tapes are now available like Awesome Pack’s plain kraft paper tape, is it recyclable and made of paper which is biodegradable.


In summary, as an e-commerce store, you must take how you package items seriously. How you package items you deliver to customers can leave a lasting impression on them. So, it is wise to invest in the packaging materials you use for your brand.


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