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Top 3 Sticker Labels used by Couriers within the Transport industry

eCommerce Business Owner's Guide to Labelling Parcels for Shipping

In the transport industry, courier companies like Australia Post and StarTrack believes proper labeling of items and parcels is essential. The advantages of labeling are numerous and include the following;

  • Easy identification of products
  • Provision of all the necessary information about the parcel required
  • Helping to ensure proper handling and storage of the items
  • Easy delivery of the product

It is equally important that you affix the necessary sticker label after packaging your items in the appropriate packaging material and attaching the required freight label (100 × 150mm) to your parcel.

This article provides an overview of the general sticker labels used in the freight industry to transport different parcels and items safely.

 Fragile Sticker LabelsFragile sticker labels

The fragile sticker label is one of the most common sticker labels used in the industry. It is used as a warning label to let people know that the content of the package is fragile and is a must have for companies like Australia Post, Aramex, Toll etc.

No matter how carefully you package an item using several sheets of foam or environmentally friendly packing peanuts, there is always the possibility that your parcel can be mishandled if you do not indicate that it should be handled with care.

The transportation process usually includes;

  • Carriage of the package from the warehouse to the van
  • Sorting of the package alongside different packages at the depot
  • Shipping to the state where the customer requires it (if it’s not in the same state)
  • Final delivery by the courier driver to the customer address

Therefore, you must apply the” fragile sticker label” to alert the courier staff to use extra care when carrying, processing, and re-sorting your parcel.

In the situation where the contents of a package get damaged or broken even though a “fragile sticker label” was placed on the box, the courier company like TNT/Fedex would be liable for the cost of the damage but at the same time they would charge you extra for having the fragile label on the parcel.

Courier staff would exercise extra caution when throwing and placing your packages with other packages to avoid such issues. This would help save businesses, including the courier company, thousands of dollars that would otherwise be spent on replacing damaged or broken parcels.

Items made of glass, electronics, ceramics, jewelry, handmade crafts, and other fragile items that can easily break should be labeled with the fragile sticker when being processed for transport. When applying the fragile sticker to the packaging box, ensure to use 1 on the front and 1 on the back. This should be placed horizontally across the opening of the box and at the bottom of the box.

Awesome Pack’s Fragile Label easily stands out with its large, bold, white fonts and bright red background, and applying the label at those positions would make it very visible to anyone handling the package.


Heavy Sticker Labels for Australia Post

Heavy Sticker Labels

Improper heavy lifting is one of the leading causes of back problems, and statistically, about 16% of Australia’s population (about 4 million people) have back problems.

Courier companies in Australia like Australia Post has staff that are usually at risk of experiencing back pain problems either while still in service or at retirement because they get to do some heavy lifting from time to time. Items above 15kg are considered heavy items, and therefore it is important to indicate it on the packaging box. As per Australia post’s staff lifting guidelines they require assistance if your parcel is over 15kg if their staff make the request.

Attaching the heavy sticker label will help inform courier staff that the package is heavy and should be lifted either with the help of a colleague or with lifting equipment. This can also help avoid potential situations where the staff picks up the parcel only to drop it in a hurry because of the weight, which leads to damage or breakage of the item.

The Heavy sticker label is also important for customers because although the size and weight of a parcel are usually on display when the parcel is being purchased, ordered, and shipped, there is the possibility that the customer underestimates the size or forgets.

Seeing the heavy sticker label will help give the customer an indication of the weight; it will ensure that the customer carries out adequate and careful lifting to avoid injuries.

Most standard logistics fulfillment centers require that heavy boxes be labeled with the “Heavy sticker label” to;

  • Help them identify heavy parcels easily.
  • Assist them in proper placement of parcels to avoid placing a heavy item on a lightweight item which can damage the parcel
  • Adequately section the packages according to their size
  • Save thousands of dollars that would otherwise be spent replacing damaged or broken items

There are many examples of logistics companies such as Australia Post and Amazon. They place their heavy parcel scale at 15kg and insist that packages from the 15kg mark and above be labeled with the Heavy sticker label.

The Heavy sticker label usually has a yellow background with bold black fonts that makes it very easy for anyone to spot. It is best to place the label on the side of the box or satchel with the largest and most suitable surface to enhance its visibility.

Awesome Pack’s Heavy Label is highly visible with bold black font on a vibrant yellow background that will alert anyone from a far that the parcel is heavy and extra care is required.


This Side Up Sticker Labels for Australia Post

This Side Up Sticker Labels

The eCommerce industry has evolved a lot in the last few years, and as a result, everything can and is being shipped across different locations. Some of these shipped items have to be positioned in a particular direction to avoid being damaged. Items that require such care should be labeled appropriately to give the information to courier staff who would handle, position, and transport such items.

The “This Side Up sticker label” is the appropriate sticker label that should be attached to packages that fall into this category. It is a useful label because it gives specific direction and helps save thousands of dollars that would have to be spent on replacing damaged or broken items.

Items such as electronics, fridges, computer monitors, washing machines, ovens, and TVs are examples of items that should be labeled with the “This Side Up sticker label.” The sticker label can guide the customer on how to place the package. Indeed, no customer will appreciate receiving or placing his washing machine upside down.

Awesome Pack’s This Side Up sticker labels come in a bold black font with a glowing green background to ensure it is visible to everyone that comes across it.

When applying this sticker label, ensure that you use it on the side of the package with the largest and most visible surface. Be sure to put the direction in which the item should be placed in mind. The “This Side Up” label should accurately indicate the side of the parcel that should be placed up to make it easy.

Sticker labels can easily be purchased at office supply stores or stationery stores. Still, if you frequently need the sticker labels, you should get in touch with manufacturers to buy them at wholesale prices, which would help save money.

You can also get your sticker labels customized in whatever design you choose, although you will have to pay a premium fee to purchase them.

Sticker labels are not just important but are a must-have in the freight industry. They don’t just save lives, time, and property but also help add aesthetics to packaging.


Ensure you purchase the appropriate sticker label for your next package!


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