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Top 5 Ecommerce Packaging Trends in 2022

The Australian e-commerce industry has quickly risen to the top as one of the biggest e-commerce industries in the world, and at this pace, it will continue to go up the ladder. The e-commerce industry in Australia currently holds the 11th position globally and experiences an increase in revenue of about 15% yearly.


One primary reason for this growth is that more small and large business owners are jumping on e-commerce and have greatly benefited from it. Businesses have begun opting for new and better ways to improve the customer experience when shopping with them and their products and services. Even consumers have embraced e-commerce which has led to a massive increase in sales.


The packaging industry has, over the years, revolutionised and continues to change. The design and materials used in package making are being optimised, and new options are being explored. From research, a lot of these new options are not only better aesthetically but are a lot more sustainable for both businesses and their consumers.


Top 5 ecommerce packaging trends 2022


Let's take a look at the 5 major trends shaping the packaging industry in 2022:

1. Subtle branding:

Many brands are moving away from the use of flashy colours and logos in the design of their packages and are going for a more subtle approach. Research has shown that consumers respond better to subtle packages that display the required information on the package rather than having something very elaborate and showy. One major reason why many brands are adopting this trend in 2022 is to make each package stand out and create something unique that effectively represents the brand and serves consumers better.

2. Packaging that offers protection:

 One of the main purposes of a package is to protect the content. If the product had been destroyed during delivery, that package would have failed its main purpose. In the e-commerce industry, many deliveries are made daily, and sometimes items are returned. During delivery, items are passed through various channels. Some may even experience damage during delivery because the packaging is not strong enough. In the past Bubble wrap have been the sure way for cushion but in recent years Sustainable packaging like honeycomb kraft paper wrap (hex wrap) have proved to be more popular as it is completely made out of paper and completely recyclable by the end customer. They just put it in their “Yellow Bin” for the local to collect every fortnight.


While certain time damages may occur if it occurs too often, customers will become unsatisfied and may no longer do business with such brands. For this reason, brands have become opting for more than protective packages for their products. Some issues this new trend has solved are breakage of products on delivery and sealed packages opening before delivery. Along with this new trend, many businesses have improved the package return process, all in a bid to improve customer experience.

3. Sustainable materials:

Not just the Australian packaging industry but the entire world is moving towards sustainable options for product packages. The packaging industry is tending towards packages that are not only 100% recyclable but are also made from recycled materials. Brands are tapping into innovative options that provide a new clean packaging substitute. Most businesses that have joined these trends can enjoy a better reputation, which gives them more competitive leverage. Another trend is using Compostable materials instead of plastic like using Honeycomb Kraft Paper Wrap instead of Bubble Wrap, and using Compostable satchels instead of plastic satchels. You can browse our whole Eco friendly packaging range here.

4. Minimalistic packaging:

This is another trend that is making waves in the packaging industry. One good thing about these packages is that they are not only sustainable but are suitable for all brands. Regardless of the nature of the product or service, you can rarely go wrong with a minimalistic design. These packages are usually simple and contain minimal graphic elements. These elements used in the design are, however, those that stand out and provide a distinct feature to the package. Consumers love these packages because they do not contain confusing features and are very lovely to look at. It is both simple and chic. It's a win-win.

5. Vintage packaging:

The main idea behind this brand is to arouse the customer's emotions by creating a feeling of nostalgia. Many brands have started looking more vintage and traditional for their packages. The design of such packages gives various graphics components to have a traditional yet upscale look. Customers respond well to this trend because it is trendy and appeals to them. In a fast-changing world, these packages provide a sort that is good and accepted by many. So for business owners looking to try something new with their packages, vintage packaging would be one to try.


These new trends have undoubtedly played an essential role in the current growth of the Australian e-commerce industry is experiencing. Business owners seem very eager to jump on new trends and try our unique strategies, all in a bid to ensure improved products and services and customer satisfaction. But what are the factors driving these recent trends, and how are these new trends affecting their customers?


  1. To foster Convenience: The driving force behind e-commerce is convenience. The goal is to make the shopping experience faster and more convenient for consumers. This is the reason why us at Awesome Pack offer Click & Collect which his generally Ready for Collection within the hour (between business hours 10am-4pm Monday to Friday). As the goal is achieved, customer satisfaction is increased, more purchases are being made, and there is massive growth in the e-commerce industry. This is why more brands are jumping on trends to improve their packaging and exploring new materials to enhance the safe delivery of products that display information needed by the customers on the packages.


Another way in which packaging businesses are fostering convenience is by reducing delivery time so that more products can be delivered to greater distances. More dispatch centres are also being opened in more areas around the country to increase access to products making product collection and possible return much easier.


  1. To promote recycling and easy disposal: Research has shown that one major issue many consumers have with packaged products is the trouble of disposing of them. Most consumers try to avoid brands with packages that are difficult to dispose of. Others have stated that they avoid brands with packages that can not be recycled. This is a common problem for soft plastics which are not able to be collected by your local council in the form of your Kerbside Yellow Bin.


Thanks to more brands moving to more sustainable materials in the packages, the trouble from the disposal is eliminated. Customers now have access to packages that are not only easy to dispose of but can be recycled. With more customers moving to brands that provide recyclable packages, other brands are forced to join this trend to retain their customers. The packaging industry in Australia continues to explore packaging options that provide a balance between sustainable materials and efficient and safe packaging. Although this has not been easy, one has to be sacrificed for the other. But more improvements are being made, and better solutions are being developed.


  1. Packaging optimisation: The costing of packages is made based on the weight of packages. The heavier a package, the more expensive it is. When packages are large despite the product's size, customers have to pay for the weight. This is why many brands have begun to optimise their packages and reduce the size so that the space in these packages is reduced to reduce cost.



Thank you for reading this article and hopefully we at Awesome Pack have provided you with some new and trending topics in the eCommerce Packaging space and help you move your business forward in 2022 and beyond.


Always bringing you value to your eCommerce journey,


Awesome Pack Team


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