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TSC DA210 Direct Thermal Printer Review

As a business owning a thermal printer goes a long way in helping you save costs in so many ways. Besides, you can use a thermal printer to print more durable copies than traditional printers. In addition, thermally printed copies can withstand a variety of weather conditions. Today, many businesses use a thermal printer to print ID badges, receipts, shipping labels, etc.

TSC DA210 direct thermal printer

Let's face it when it comes to buying a printer, there are so many choices out there. Out of the multiple thermal printers you can buy, the TSC DA210 is a thermal printer worth a second look. Not only is it a reliable printer, but it is durable and affordable. It also comes with a user-friendly design ideal for various applications. In this article, we will review the TSC DA210 and its benefits.


  • Product dimensions: 11 x 7.6 x 7.2 inches
  • Weight: 3.31 pounds
  • Printing width: 4.25 inches
  • Resolution: 203 DPI
  • Printer output: Monochrome

Features of the TSC DA210 Printer

The TSC DA210 is one of the most versatile direct desktop thermal printers. The DA210 models are designed to provide the best low-cost labelling and printing solution. So, what does the TSC DA210 thermal printer come with? Let's find out some of its exciting features below:

  • Durable Design

The TSC DA210 is durably designed with an ABS plastic body. TSC used ABS on this printer to cushion the shocks of thermal printing. In addition, TSC designed the DA210 thermal printer with a high-quality double-wall clamshell.

  • Clamshell design

TSC designed the DA210 as a clamshell press. The clamshell design makes it easy for media loading. It is built with a large 5-inch centre-biased media bay and a spring-loaded label roll holder, making it easy to load the printer. 

  • Hardwire and Wireless Connectivity

In terms of connectivity, the DA210 comes with the standard USB-2.0/USB-B high-speed interface hardwire connection mode for connecting a Windows or macOS to this printer. However, the DA210 thermal printer also has an optional Bluetooth interface if you need more connectivity power. The Bluetooth or wireless connectivity mode comes in handy, especially when connecting a smartphone to this printer.

  • 203-dpi Resolution Printing

The TSC DA210 comes with incredibly high-quality printing quality. This thermal printer produces a crisp and legible image with a 203 dot per inch resolution. So, even if what you want to print is so small, the TSC DA210 will display all the information clearly and fully.

  • Up to 16MB SDRAM and 8MB Flash

Modern printers have plenty of memory to store international characters' fonts, graphics, and so on. The DA210 model comes with 16MB SDRAM and 8MB Flash for easy storage. In addition, the DA210 is fully compatible with a standard set of industry emulations like Zebra, Line Mode, Datamax, and Eltron languages. With these languages, the DA210 can easily replace old hardware.

  • Large Printing Width

The TSC DA210 is designed to provide the right printing size for several applications. On the DA210 is a 4.25 inches OD roll that can handle a maximum printing width of 108 mm. Also, it comes with a 1-inch core that can hold a minimum printing width of 19 mm. In Australia, the standard shipping label is 100mm x 150mm so this printer will print the labels you need with ease. Please note when printing that you have changed the paper size to 100mm x 150mm (some printers call the paper size 4x6). This TSC DA210 printer will allow to print courier labels from Australia Post MyPost and eParcel systems using Parcel Send platform, StarTrack using Parcel Send software, TNT express (now called Fedex), Toll, Fastway (now called Aramex), Couriers Please and other shipping aggregators like Sendle.

  • Fast Printing Speed

Unlike traditional inkjet printers, the TSC DA210 is a faster thermal printer. The DA210 can print at a speed of up to 6 inches per second. However, this printer still produces high-quality printed copies even at its fastest printing speed.

Why Should You Buy The TSC DA210 Direct Thermal Printer?

While the TSC DA210 direct thermal printer has exciting features, should you buy it? Well, the DA210 is a great little thermal label printer for new businesses looking to upgrade eCommerce operations. Here are a couple of reasons you should buy the TSC DA210.

  • Cost-Effective

Unlike other thermal printers, this DA210 thermal printer is one of the most cost-effective printers in Australia. The inkless operation of the DA210 thermal printer requires little to no maintenance cost giving you maximum value for your money. All you have to buy as a consumable is direct thermal labels and you are ready to go. Awesome Pack have a large range of 100mm x 150mm labels ranging in roll sizes from 350 labels/roll, 500 labels/roll and 1000 labels/roll check out our complete 100x150mm range here.

  • Minimal Moving Parts

Unlike inkjet printers, thermal printers have very minimal moving parts. With this advantage, thermal printers tend to last longer and are easier to maintain. Also, since very few parts are moving, thermal printers tend to run more reliably with fewer breakdowns than inkjet printers.

  • Incredibly Robust and Reliable

The TSC DA210 is a highly reliable thermal printer. With this DA210 thermal printer, you will never have to worry about paper jams since very minimal parts are moving. This printer doesn’t cause paper jams often and when it does it is normally an easy fix. A4 Laser printers and Dymo 4XL/5XL often cause paper jams giving you headaches and sometimes you may need to replace the printer drum or in some cases have to dispose the printer, if you a Dymo 4XL user you would know what I mean. It's also incredibly robust, letting you print different paper sizes for various uses, be it labelling, receipts, and so on.

  • Small and Portable

Importantly, if you're looking for a thermal printer that wouldn't take up all your counter space, then the DS210 would suffice. Small and portable, this DA210 thermal printer can sit comfortably on your desk by your desktop and leave ample space for other things. And with a weight of about 3 pounds, you can easily carry it anywhere.

  • Compatible with Windows and Mac

Another reason to buy the DA210 thermal printer is that it is compatible with Windows or Mac systems. So, with this DA210 thermal printer, it does not matter what type of operating system you run in your office; you wouldn't have compatibility issues. When installing the Printer Driver please ensure you install the correct driver. (ie if you have a macbook make sure you install the Mac driver)

TSC DA210 Direct Thermal Printer VS Zebra GK420D

When it comes to thermal printers, the TSC DA210 and Zebra GK420D are two of the most common choice. While this two are rivalry in excellence, which one do you buy? Well, let's go through the features of these two thermal printers to see which one offers value for money.

  • Print size

The TSC DA210 and the Zebra GK420D thermal printers can print the same size. They are compatible with a 1-inch core media roll and a maximum print size of 4.25 inches. So in terms of printing size, it's a tie between the two printers.

  • Printing speed

As for the printing speed, the Zebra GK420D can print at a whopping speed of 5 inches per second. But the TSC DA210 prints at a faster speed of 6 inches per second. So, the TSC DA210 gets one point for faster printing speed.

  • Print quality

Both printers can print with the same resolution of 203 DPI in terms of printing quality. So it's a tie in terms of printing quality.

  • Connectivity

On the Zebra GK420D, you get three different wired methods of connecting this thermal printer to a PC; USB-B, Parallel, and Series. But on the TSC DA210, you get the option of USB-B and optional wireless Bluetooth connectivity. So, the TSC DA210 gets one more point for having better connectivity methods.

  • Price

In terms of price, the TSC DA210 is more affordable than the Zebra GK420D. The TSC DA210 is $395 at Awesome Pack, while the Zebra GK420D is over $600 if you do a google search. So at almost half the price and the specs and features are similar you make the decision what which brings you more value for your eCommerce business.


In summary, the TSC DA210 is a thermal printer worth every attention it's getting as it offers you the best value. Despite being cheaper than its competitor Zebra GK420D, the TSC DA210 still offers you better features. So, if you're looking for a well-suited thermal printer for any industry, the TSC DA210 is a reliable and smart investment that is always a perfect fit.


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