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Using Compostable Satchels for your Online Business

Compostable Satchels are becoming more and more popular due to the consumer's shift towards environmentally friendly packaging. Below are our key points on Why you should use them and Which businesses it will suit the most, and most importantly How to implement these Compostable Mailers for your online business.



Common Plastic Mailing Satchels/Courier bags used in the e-Commerce industry take over a 1000 years for it to breakdown in our landfills. Our Home Compostable Satchels breaks down within 180 days and are able to be eaten by worms in your home compost. 1/3 of the material is made from corn and cornstarch.



If your online business is an Environmentally Friendly Business this is a no brainier and should be used be implemented ASAP. We have customers in the Pet industry, Pharmaceuticals, Gifting businesses, food industries and even freight companies all have adopted this forward thinking packaging when sending products to their customers. 



As a benchmark, our Home Compostable Satchels are 2-3 times more expensive than our plastic mailers or commonly known as Poly Mailers. Example: Our Home Compostable Satchel 255x330mm is $27 for 100 bags, whereas Plastic Satchel 255x330mm is $13 for 100 bags.

The Costs blow out once you hit scale, if you buy 1000 of each it is more like 3 times the price as raw material for plastic mailers are much cheaper than our Home Compostable Satchels which is made from Corn, Corn starch and PBAT. This makes it hard for large businesses to pivot into these Environmentally friendly mailers 


Shelf Life?

Unlike Plastic mailers, Home Compostable Satchels only have a 9 months shelf life as it starts to biodegrade once it is made. We suggest businesses to only buy up to 3 months of supply each time.


How to Implement?

If you have decided to join the ever growing number of businesses to Stop using Plastic then we suggest the following steps to ensure a smooth transition to these Home Compostable Satchels.

Start with Our Non-Branded Home Compostable Satchels:

  • Low risk way to start using these satchels without blowing the bank.
  • If it works for for your brand keep buying in small quantities 
  • Once you get more comfortable with them then Contact us for a Wholesale Request for a more Competitive Pricing. (Quantities of over 1000 bags)
  • If you want branding on them we suggest stick a label on the satchel

Upgrade with Custom Branding on these Home Compostable Satchels

  • In order to Custom design the colour and put a logo on the Compostable bag the Minimum Order Quantity is 100,000 bags. This is the biggest deterrent for small businesses as not only you need to order 100,000 bags but also use them within 9 months. Not many businesses have that kind of run rate.
  • If your business can afford to order 100,000 bags or more then please contact us by Filling in the Custom Order Form.


Key Takeaways:

  • No matter where you are buying Compostable Satchels from, MAKE SURE you Buy Home Compostable Satchels that are Australian Certified AS5810. If the supplier cannot give you that it means it is ONLY Commercially Compostable meaning your customers cannot throw it in the Home Compost and must go to a commercial facility that have the capacity to process it. No one will do that and therefore defies the whole purpose. 
  • Use our Non Branded Home Compostable Satchels if you are starting to use them
  • MOQ for Custom Branding on these Satchels are 100,000 units and over.


We hope this article have shed some light on the Home Compostable Satchels that more and more businesses are using. 


Always here to help you on your e-Commerce journey,



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