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What are the best uses of zip lock resealable bags for eCommerce businesses?

Unlike regular sealable bags, several eCommerce companies use zip lock bags. What makes these resealable bags such a great idea is that they make it easy for users to seal content. So, even if they cannot make use of all the content at once, they can use the zip lock to create an airtight seal. Hence this protects the integrity of the content, thus making it last longer. If the whole idea of zip lock bags and the industries that use them confuses you, read on to find out more. 

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What are zip lock bags?

In simple words, zip lock bags are zipper bags that some businesses use to package their content. The zipper is often attached at the top of the plastic bag. And what makes it such an amazing innovation is that the zipper interlocks create an airtight seal. Hence, you don't need a specialized tool to use this zip lock to create an airtight space to ensure its contents are preserved. Ziplock bags are ideal for packaging small arts and crafts, jewelry accessories & other small hardware accessories.

Are they resealable?

If you're wondering if you can use a zip lock after it's been opened, well, yes, you can; this is the beauty of zip lock bags. After opening a zip lock bag, you can reseal them, and they will create such an airtight seal that will help protect the integrity of the content in the bag. Most eCommerce businesses are switching to zip lock bags because they are less expensive and save space. The best part about zip lock bags is that their design makes them easy to use and highly flexible.

Five common eCommerce businesses that use zip lock resealable bags

The use of zip lock bags is numerous. However, we've compiled a list of the top five common industries where zip lock bags are often used. Let's take a look at them below:

●       Businesses that sell small jewelry

Another eCommerce industry that takes advantage of the convenience of zip lock bags is the small jewelry business. They use zip lock bags not entirely because they try to prevent microorganisms from deteriorating the content. But with zip lock bags, they can safely and compactly keep the jewelry, thus preventing it from getting lost. This is because zip lock bags can create an airtight seal, so even the tiniest jewelry is well protected in a zip lock bag. The airtight seal also helps keep dust out and other elements in the environment that could affect the nature of the jewelry. Elements like oxygen and sulfur are the major cause of rust in metal jewelry and tarnish in gold. Lots of small ecommerce businesses who sell handmade jewelry use zip lock bags as storage or used as inner packaging when shipping to their customer.

●       Businesses that sell small arts and craft

Art and craft have an essential role to play in our society. Arts deliver a broad spectrum of entertainment, inspiration, and transformation of our thoughts. eCommerce businesses that sell arts and crafts also use zip lock bags to store items for several reasons. Firstly, this type of business uses zip-lock bags because they are resealable, giving consumers the flexibility to take the art or craft for use and store it back in the bags. Another reason they use zip lock bags to store arts and crafts is because they protect the arts from environmental factors that could deteriorate them. Humidity, for example, is a major environmental factor that deteriorates arts and crafts. Air pollution can also settle on the surface of arts and crafts, especially in storage, making it look less appealing. Water and sunlight can affect arts and crafts. These environmental factor effects can be mitigated or avoided by storing the arts and crafts in a zip lock bag. Examples of eCommerce businesses that use zip lock for packaging their arts and crafts include many sellers who list their products on ebay and etsy.

●       Businesses that sell small fashion accessories

Companies that sell small fashion accessories package them in zip lock bags. These zip lock bags protect the fashion accessories from looking less attractive. Because zip lock bags seal so well, elements such as dust, humidity, and air cannot settle on the accessories. Some zip lock bags can protect against sunlight which could cause fading in the coloration of the accessories. Also, zip lock bags will help keep accessories compact. Hence, you'd never have to worry about losing any piece of the accessory, no matter how small they are. eCommerce companies that use zip lock bags for storing and packaging their small fashion accessories include many handmade brands.

●       Businesses that sell small hardware like nail and bolt

Lastly, another common business that uses zip lock bags to package items is the small hardware like nails and bolts. The main reason they use zip-lock bags is because of how well it helps to keep everything together. So, issues like losing a bolt or an important wouldn't be the case. Ziplock bags are also helpful because they help protect this small hardware from rusting. Rust occurs in the presence of air and water, but zip lock bags cut off water and air from coming in contact with the hardware, thus preserving your items. Many Hardware stores who sell online use zip lock bags to store and package their small hardware items as it is a cheap and easy way.


To sum things up, zip lock bags are a very useful form of packaging. They are simple to use, compact, and protect against deteriorating environmental factors. Because of the flexibility of zip lock bags and its low cost compared to other forms of packaging that offer the same feature, many eCommerce businesses are now switching to zip lock bags. If you've not considered using zip lock bags, you should do so today and try Awesome Pack’s Resealable Bags.

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