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What are the uses of Kraft Paper in Packaging?

Kraft Paper comes in rolls which has many uses in the ecommerce packaging landscape. The traditional use of Kraft paper for online businesses used to be wrapping parcels with it but in the modern age of online business it has evolved to many other uses like void fill and protective packaging. This article will discuss the general uses of kraft paper in retail and e-commerce packaging. 

What are the different colours available and suitable for various brands?

There are different types of kraft paper, but natural and recycled ones are the most popular. Natural kraft paper is durable, affordable, and suitable for heavy-duty applications that require tear resistance. On the other hand, recycled kraft paper is more economical and breaks down quickly. The most significant difference between all kraft paper is in the finishing and material. Let us examine them below: 

Unbleached paper 

Coated unbleached kraft paper is the most common type of kraft paper. It has a natural and unaltered colour. Not only this, but it is also tear-resistant and stiff without being solid and heavy. Natural kraft paper is the strongest of all packing papers. As a result, it is most suitable when you require maximum strength. For example, in industrial bags, plain wrapping paper, and multiwall sacks. And that is why we at Awesome Pack only carry unbleached Kraft Paper Rolls.

Coloured bleached kraft paper

This type includes a white additive to make it more blank. Instead of the natural colour, it is white. As a result, the canvas is great for other colours. 

You can cover or paint craft paper in any colour you desire. It can be white, black, red, light pink, or brown. The colours are available in about every colour of the rainbow. As a result, kraft paper is versatile for different uses. 

The different thicknesses available 

Paper weight is referred to as grams per square meter (GSM). It means, if you were to take 1m2 of kraft paper, how much would it weigh in grams? Naturally, the higher the GSM, the thicker the paper. Let us explore them below: 

  • The 50gsm paper is the most suitable type for converting to standing pouches and roll foils. It is soft and thinner. Apart from this, the seal and form of the foil laminate are easier. 
  • The 60gsm is a little thicker than the 50gsm. As a result, it offers balanced stiffness, cost, hand feeling, thickness, and other properties. 
  • The 70gsm paper is suitable for light to medium-duty use in wrapping packages. It is available in different roll diameters and offers enough standing effect and stiffness. 
  • The 80gsm is strong for wrapping gifts, packaging wraps, and craft projects. It is also suitable for industrial use. Awesome Pack have 80gsm Kraft Paper Rolls ranging from 450mm to 900mm in width.

How does using kraft paper help your business by improving the unboxing experience?

Eco Friendly 

Kraft paper has a simple process that uses fewer chemicals compared to regular paper printing and manufacturing. It is manufactured from organic and renewable materials like wood. It is also distinctive, versatile, and 100% recyclable. Kraft paper is a natural, compostable, and biodegradable material. In other words, it can be absorbed by the environment without affecting human health. Like tree leaves, it breaks down into cellulose fibres for easy absorption. 

Durable design 

Kraft paper is strong and you can make it stronger by coating it with polyethylene or PE. The compounds protect it from moisture and bacteria, although it affects its recyclability. In packaging, kraft can withstand a lot of wear and tear. It is also useful for moving heavy items and protecting them from environmental impact. The brown appearance gives it a vintage look, and you can style it in different designs. 

Timeless appeal and easy to design 

Kraft paper is one of the simple ways to add a primitive, appealing, and rustic look to your packaging. You can print on it using different techniques like offset printing, screen, and digital printing. Not only this, but you can add custom and eye-catching designs. 

Lightweight but versatile 

Kraft is light. This explains why producers prefer it for transporting goods. Despite its lightweight, it is versatile and durable for carrying heavy goods. Its 100% recyclable design allows you to reduce your carbon footprint. As a result, it won’t contribute to landfill waste. The paper is extremely sturdy and will protect your goods against harm during handling and transport. Since it is lightweight, you can save on shipping. 

Awesome Pack's Kraft Paper Rolls

Our Natural Kraft Paper is made with premium thickness of 80gsm, one of the strongest in the protective packaging market in Australia. It comes in Kraft Paper Rolls with 4 different widths:

So depending on your business we have a size that suit you best and as always our prices are one of the lowest in the market for the given quality, thickness, width and length. We are very confident with our pricing that if you find a cheaper price elsewhere give us a call and we will beat it.


Kraft paper is widely used in packaging because it is cheap, lightweight, durable, and customizable. It is a great option for any brand that wants to minimize its carbon footprint. The paper is energy-efficient and recyclable. Not only this, but it is available in different thicknesses and colours for flexible use. We recommend you pay attention to the size so you don’t encourage wastage. Watch out for specific shipping and product requirements, and don’t forget to secure your package to avoid damage during transit. If you have decided to use kraft paper in your business check out our complete range by clicking on Kraft Paper Rolls.


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