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What Brands & Products need to use Tissue Paper Packaging

Ever heard of tissue paper packaging? Well, it's the real deal for branded packaging, either for big businesses or small to medium scale enterprises. Here's the catch, tissue paper is one of the best packaging materials used in the e-commerce industry, and there are many reasons why.

coloured Tissue paper for packaging

For starters, tissue paper offers versatility in packaging as it can be used as a form of packaging filler and can also be used to wrap the product in packaging. Apart from this, tissue paper packaging offers a unique unboxing experience for customers as it is simple and attractive. The unique designs and colours for tissue paper used for packaging give it that superior edge.

Tissue paper can be custom-made, branded, and used to wrap products when packaging to provide the perfect finishing touch to packaging a product. An extra insight on tissue paper packaging shows that it helps the customers feel a little personal connection to the brand. But it's not just about feeling a personal connection to the brand, the recipient of a tissue paper packaged gift would feel the love. So, are you looking to add your personal touch to your packaging? Tissue paper packaging is just for you. It comes in different sizes and for different purposes. There’s tissue paper packaging for every task, from jumbo sizes to small sizes, food packaging to gift boxes.

Generally, tissue paper packaging is an excellent fit for many brands, whether big or small. But to get the best tissue paper packaging for your products, you need to look out for colours that synch best with your brand and products. Here are a few colours and what brands they'd fit best for:


White Tissue Paper

Generally, white tissue paper are the best for fragile packaging products. Mobile phone brands and glassware businesses would find white tissue paper packaging as the perfect fit. The white colour depicts class and lets out the shine in glass or ceramic wares.

Asides from mobile phone and glassware tissue paper packaging, white tissue paper are perfect for packaging pastries. Both small and medium-scale enterprises and big pastry brands recognize the need for using tissue paper packaging. Tissue paper are soft and attractive, so it's a win for pastry businesses.


Black Tissue Paper

For mystical and formal settings, a black tissue paper is often the best show of class. In black tie events, never underestimate the aura of a product packaged in black tissue. Two of the best businesses that would find black tissue paper packaging as their perfect fit include; brands dealing with accessories and fashion businesses. Black tissue paper packaging gives off a superior sense of awe for gadgets, accessories, and clothes. Thanks to the black colour being versatile and adaptable to all colours, it's perfect for literally all brand colours.


Pink Tissue Paper

Without a second thought, pink tissue paper for packaging is for businesses that express the feminine side. The pink colour is easily associated with beauty, and that's the major forte of the ladies. So, beauty products such as creams, lip glosses, and the likes would be better packaged with light pink tissue paper. Generally, brands that offer beauty or feminine products or services would find that pink tissue paper is the best choice for packaging. Brands that specialize in women's health, for instance, sanitary pads companies, can likewise utilize pink tissue paper for packaging. Toys for little girls, too, would be better represented or packaged in pink tissue paper.


Red Tissue Paper

The red tissue paper is rare and unique, and classic wineries generally use it for gift and bottle wrappings. As such, the red tissue paper for packaging stands in a class of its own.

Asides from its use in packaging wine bottles, red tissue paper for packaging can be used by businesses that appreciate art, cater to health, and certain accessory brands. Health is generally depicted in red and white. As such, health products often have the colour red or white when being packaged, making the red tissue paper a perfect match for packaging health-related products. Generally, accessory brands utilize red tissue paper packaging, especially when it resonates strongly with the brand colours and ideals. Brands specializing in romantic gifts would also find the passionate colour red ideal for packaging, hence the need for red tissue paper.


Blue Tissue Paper

It's time for the baby boys to steal the spotlight. Blue tissue paper are perfect for businesses that deal with the masculine side. Toys and products for guys are better wrapped with blue tissue paper for packaging, as this colour resonates more with the males. With this in mind, accessory brands can likewise utilize blue tissue paper for packaging, especially when it's a male accessory or customer in question. Remember, it's all about building a personal connection and creating a unique unboxing experience.


Green Tissue Paper

For people fascinated by the colour green, lime, or light colours, the green tissue paper for packaging is a treat to your wants.  Green tissues paper packaging is usually trendy during holidays and festive periods, and brands tend to sport green packaging during Christmas and New Year. So what does that mean? Green tissue paper for packaging is pretty useful for nearly all brands. But the real deal is using green tissue paper packaging in the right season.

Asides from festive seasons making nearly all brands opt for green packaging, other brands need green tissue paper packaging. Introducing - the florist! Floral shops deal with pretty flowers and lovely decorations. The perfect colour to packaging such would be green - synching with the petals. Thankfully, tissue paper for packaging is usually versatile, so converting green tissue paper into unique designs would be relatively easy and fun.


Yellow Tissue Paper

Usually used as tassels for books, journals, diaries, and so on, yellow tissue paper for packaging falls in line with brands that deal with formal products such as office resources, books, and the likes. Yellow tissue paper for packaging can be designed in office folders and envelopes, which rightly speaks about formality.


Gold Tissue Paper

Like the black tissue paper for packaging, gold tissue paper for packaging is in a class of its own, and it spells RICH and CLASS. Businesses specializing in high-end accessories and gift items would find this colour of tissue paper ideal for packaging.


Silver Tissue Paper

Silver tissue paper for packaging is second only to gold tissue paper for its shiny and clear colour. Just like gold, they're preferred mainly by gift shops and high-end accessories brands. They're likewise used by artists and art-related businesses in decorating and packaging artworks, and this is all thanks to their sparkly outlook.


Bronze Tissue Paper

For book and magazine purchases, bronze tissue paper would be perfect for packaging, and it’s easily accessible and can be redesigned for multiple packaging. For packaging, bronze tissue paper comes in different shades and is useful for bookstores, general service stores, and businesses dealing with general accessories.


Tissue paper for packaging have over the years been a hidden gem that's just finding its way into the limelight. Thankfully, the multiple advantages of simplicity, ease of design, attractiveness, availability, and being eco-friendly make tissue paper for packaging ideal. As said earlier, there is tissue paper packaging for every task and brand.


Hopefully this blog give you the business owner some ideas on how to use Tissue Paper for your eCommerce business.

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