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Why you should use Bubble Pouch Bags instead of Bubble Wrap? – Awesome Pack Packaging Guide

Although Bubble wrap is a popular packaging product used by online businesses to protect and cushion fragile items during shipping, the process of wrapping and taping can be troublesome and time consuming.

Bubble Pouch Bags vs Bubble Wrap

A Bubble Wrap alternative is to use the simple and effective Bubble Pouch Bags, they are just a bag/sleeve that you can pop your product straight in without the need of wrapping and although you still need to tape the opening but that is still much better than excessively taping around the product with plastic bubbles.

Bubble Pouch Bags are perfect packaging solution for businesses who sell small and fragile items like jewellery, small sized electronics, small arts and crafts. It offers Awesome Protection for your product within a cardboard box or mailer.

Key Benefits of using Bubble Pouch Bags compared to Bubble Wrap:

1. Saves you Time: No more wrapping excessive plastic bubbles around your product as using the Bubble Pouch you simply just pop it in.

2. Looks Better: A Bubble Pouch Bag that is taped on one end look a lot better than using your Tape dispenser going around the whole product and creating another layer of plastic on your product.

3. Less Plastic is used: A Bubble Pouch is one layer and minimal tape is required to hold the product in the pouch whereas using bubble wrap it is common to over wrap the product and excessive tape is generally used to hold everything in tact.

Disadvantages of using Bubble Pouch Bags instead of Bubble Wrap:

1. Doesn’t fit large bulky products: only certain sizes of Bubble Pouch Bags are available on the market so if your products are big it may or may not fit into the pouch bag. When finding the right size of bubble pouch bag make sure you consider the length, width and height of your product to ensure it is big enough to hold your product and also enough room to tape off the end.

2. Cost more than Bubble Wrap: given the time savings of using Bubble pouch bags they are often more expensive when comparing with Bubble wrap of a similar size.

We here at Awesome Pack offer 3 sizes of Bubble Pouch Bags:

And although they are a little more costly when compared with Bubble Wrap, given they are only around 7 cents for the smallest one and 18 cents for the biggest one we have, it is a small price to pay to simplify your packaging process and speeds up your packing time so you can concentrate on growing your online business.

Our key takeaway for you is that if your product is small and can fit into one our Bubble Pouch Bags than use it as the benefits far outweigh the costs, but there are times where your product cannot fit into the bubble pouch sleeves then you need to use Bubble Wrap which are available in widths of 250mm, 300mm, 375mm, 500mm, 750mm and 1500mm. Whichever you choose please weigh in the cost and benefits so your can make an informed decision.

Always bringing you value to your eCommerce journey,

Bill Li
Awesome Pack

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