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100 Litres Void Fill Foam Packing Peanuts [Australian Made BioFill]

100 Litres Void Fill Foam Packing Peanuts [Australian Made BioFill]

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100 Litres Void Fill [Australian Made & 100% Biodegradable]
Protecting your goods from damage during Shipping
Environmentally Friendly, Compostable & Water Soluble
Lightweight & Static Free 

  • Volume: 100 Litres
  • Colour: White
  • Packaging: Peanuts are packed within a Tough Cardboard Box

Can This be Reused? Yes both the Packing Peanuts and the Cardboard box can be Reused




Packing Peanuts Advantages:

  • Eco-friendly: Compostable material and fully dissolvable in water, your end customer can just throw it in the bin or home compost and it will start breaking down
  • Cost effective: large 400L bag is only $33, or if you only need smaller amount you can buy this 100L for $13 and it is packaged in a Cardboard box that is also reusable and recyclable.
  • Completely Fill up the whole box: some other methods may not fill up the whole box and therefore the cushioning effect is not as effective
  • Lightweight: very light in weight so it doesn’t add much weight to your package to save you money on shipping
  • Static free: these peanuts doesn’t stick to your product so your end customer wouldn’t be irritated during the unboxing experience
  • Australian Made: Bio fill is made here locally in Melbourne, support Aussie businesses


Packing Peanuts Disadvantages:

  • Take up large amount of space: whether you have a large warehouse or working from home space is limited and this product although cheap it does take a lot of space. A bag of 400L has an approx. dimension of 60x60x150cm, while even our 100L bio fill in a box is 43x37x64cm.
  • Need to reorder quite often: due to the space required to store this void filler you will go through them quite fast and therefore you need to re-order more often than desired.


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Tony A.
Australia Australia
Foam packing peanuts

Exactly as described and perfect for the job intended. The sale was very well organised and very easy to collect.

Duncan S.
Australia Australia

Very quick dispatch

Lisa P.
Australia Australia
100% Satisfied

My experience was great, the person on the receiving end of the prank the item was used for, not so much LOL Transaction with seller was simple, fast and efficient. Good price. Delivery was quick

Melissa S.
Australia Australia
Great product!

Quality product, fast delivery, would definitely purchase again!