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Australia Post Prices Changes for Prepaid Parcel Post and Express Post Satchels – Effective 5th September 2022

For many online businesses the Auspost prepaid satchels are a convenient and cost effective way to post their goods. Back in 2019, Australia Post announced the changes to their prepaid satchel system where as long as you can fit your item in the satchel then it will be sent. This created new opportunities to take advantage of the New Auspost Prepaid system and if you would like a detailed read please click here to see how your online business can benefit.


Now in 2022, Australia Post have announced new Price Changes Effective 5th September 2022 for both Prepaid Parcel Post and Express Post Satchels. So along with the rising cost of living and the continuous RBA interest rate hikes, Australia Post is also delivering in its own Price increase.

parcel post satchel


New price increases range from 4% to 4.4%, see below for the New Prepaid Parcel Post Pricing:

2022 September Pricing for Australia Post Prepaid Parcel Post Satchel


express post satchel


For Express Post Prepaid Satchels, price increases range from 3%-3.3%, see below for New Prepaid Express Post Satchels Pricing:


2022 September Pricing for Australia Post Prepaid Express Post Satchels


Key Takeaways:


  • 2022 Price increase from 3% to 4.4% for All Australia Post Prepaid Parcel Post & Express Post Satchels, effective 5th September 2022.
  • This is Australia Post’s 3rd price increase since the inception of the new “if it fits it sends” prepaid satchels system back in 2019. In 2020, Australia Post froze prices increases due to COVID-19 pandemic to give its customers some relief during the tough economic times. But in 2021 Australia Post increased its prices in March and again in September.
  • For businesses who have an MyPost or eParcel/Parcel Send account there were consistent price increases of around 5% in 2019, 2020, 2021 and most likely a similar price hike towards the end of 2022. Australia Post's rationale for these increases is that they see MyPost and eParcel accounts as B2B products whereas prepaid satchels are often used by everyday Australian and classified as B2C products.


Overall given the price differentials between Australia Post Prepaid Satchels and their business accounts are narrowing it make sense to take another look at the Prepaid Parcel Post & Express Satchels, to see if it make sense to use it on your eCommerce business.


If you want to see all the 2022 New Prices for Australia Post Prepaid Satchels please click this link Australia Post Price changes – effective 5th September 2022


And of course if you need plain satchels Click Here to see our extensive range of mailing satchels.


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