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Bulk Buy | Bio Fill 400 Litres Void Fill Foam Enviro Fill Packing Peanuts [Australian Made]

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400 Litres Void Fill [Australian Made & 100% Biodegradable]

Enviro Fill/Bio Fill Protects your goods from damage during Shipping
Environmentally Friendly, Compostable & Water Soluble
Lightweight & Static Free 

  • Volume: 400 Litres
  • Colour: White
  • Material: Made from Corn Starch
  • Packaging: Peanuts are packed within a Tough Plastic Bag

Can This be Reused? Yes the Packing Peanuts can be Reused



Packing Peanuts Pros:

  • Eco-friendly: Compostable material and fully dissolvable in water, your end customer can just throw it in the bin or home compost and it will start breaking down
  • Cost effective: this 400L Bag is only $48, or if you only need smaller amount you can buy 100L for $20 and it is packaged in a Cardboard box that is also reusable and recyclable.
  • Completely Fill up the whole box: some other methods may not fill up the whole box and therefore the cushioning effect is not as effective
  • Lightweight: very light in weight so it doesn’t add much weight to your package to save you money on shipping
  • Static free: these peanuts doesn’t stick to your product so your end customer wouldn’t be irritated during the unboxing experience
  • Australian Made: Bio fill is made here locally in Melbourne, support Aussie businesses


Packing Peanuts Cons:

  • Take up large amount of space: whether you have a large warehouse or working from home space is limited and this product although cheap it does take a lot of space. A bag of 400L has an approx. dimension of 60x60x150cm, while even our 100L bio fill in a box is 43x37x64cm.
  • Need to reorder quite often: due to the space required to store this void filler you will go through them quite fast and therefore you need to re-order more often than desired.